How to behave in coworking spaces?
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    How to behave in coworking spaces?

    Posted on June 14, 2021

    Coworking spaces aka shared spaces no doubt has many advantages, it allows working in a vibrant and friendly environment, also collaboration and networking come with the territory.

    Coworking spaces pull many different experts – artists, advocates, engineers, writers, advertisers, freelancers, marketing experts, startup owners and more.

    Whatever the business is, every professional wants to be in a healthy work environment in a shared space. The best thing about coworking space is the respect for fellow workers.

    Keep in mind you are not the only one working there and you must act accordingly. Follow these simple tips to make the most of your facilities!

    Be Mindful of Manners

    You should be kind and respectful to the workers around you. Greeting “good morning” or saying “see you tomorrow” can indicate the start of a professional relationship. In some cases, you even can find yourself working beside someone who might offer immense potential for your company.

    Get the advantage of social networking, never miss an opportunity to communicate with coworkers and new people, as many coworking spaces in Delhi and NCR organize social events to encourage networking within their community.

    Usage of the Shared Space

    You are not the only one based in a coworking space, so valuing the rules will create a good impression on the other people around you.

    Some silly things like keeping your voice down on the call will avoid any disturbance. Use telephone zones at your coworking space in Delhi for a private conversation without disturbing others.

    Be Organized

    Keep your stuff organized and out of other people’s way. It means keeping your workstation and desk tidy. Space is shared, so do not pile up files or papers around you, as it can cause extreme discomfort to others.

    While you may be able to work in an organized hodgepodge created by you, the workers around you might feel troubled by it. So be a civilized human being and keep your area neat!

    Pantry Area

    The pantry is a shared area too, so keep it clean after you have used it! Do leave items such as the coffee machine or microwave as you would like to find them.

    If there is a fridge to share- do not pick someone else’s snacks in the fridge, even if you are craving for it or else you will be considered highly unsophisticated.

    Keeping Safe and Sanitized

    Here at Avanta coworking space in Delhi and Gurgaon, our in-house staff are always on their toes cleaning our centres, day, and night.

    Our premises are sanitized every 30 minutes focusing on touchpoints such as door handles, coffee machines, switches, taps, toilets etc.

    Also, Hand sanitizers are available in common areas and receptions. Safety during this pandemic is our topmost priority as we continue to deliver the world-class service you would expect.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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