How to Choose a Location for Your Office Space in Connaught Place?
How to Choose a Location for Your Office Space
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    How to Choose a Location for Your Office Space in Connaught Place?

    Posted on February 23, 2021

    Your office location can be the reason for the progress or failure of your company. In that case, how do you identify the perfect place? Here are some essential aspects to consider while choosing the office space location.

    Business Type

    The location of your office should suit your business type. As a business owner, it’s you who understands your business and employees. Choose an office space where your employees can give their best. For example, if your employees require to attend to the customers’ calls, it’s better to choose an office location with less noise. Most of the office space in Connaught Place Delhi is in buildings that can obstruct the noise from outside.


    For instance, if an employee is offered a job in two companies of the same value, the only difference between them is the connectivity. You can reach one of them within minutes very quickly, whereas the other one is at hectic drive. So, which company would you prefer? It’s undoubtedly the company which is within minutes reach.

    The same will be the preference of your employees. Choose the office location, which offers decent transport connectivity. Connectivity also provides convenience to the customers in some companies where they will have to visit the office for discussions and other activities. Having an office space in Connaught Place Delhi offers excellent transport connectivity.


    A few entrepreneurs prefer to have a sturdy competition in the industry to keep themselves moving in a great place to be alive in the competition. While some prefer to have lesser competition as they have just started and just want to create a name for themselves at the initial phase. Which one are you in these?

    Keep in mind that having a competition has both pros and cons connected with it. You have to pick it yourself based on the business stage you are in.


    The surrounding of your office space also matters. Check if there any good restaurant or a cafe in the vicinity. It will help your employees get refreshed or even be used for a short informal meeting with your client.

    Not just the cafes and eateries, there are the other things too, that your employees wish to have in their office vicinity. These amenities can add an element to your employees’ comfort, which show up in their work.

    That’s why most of the established companies have an inhouse cafeteria for their team, so that they can use it when they need some refreshment. Or else, the team will have to walk far out from the office to have some snacks or a cup of tea/coffee.

    As a prominent provider of office space in Delhi, we know your business needs and help you find the workspace in a location that ideally suits your business.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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