How to consider better hospitality at a coworking space
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    How to consider better hospitality at a coworking space

    Posted on January 28, 2021

    As you step into any coworking space in Delhi, look around, what are people doing? Working, knowledge sharing or having coffee? Connecting with fellow professionals, learning about their expertise, or discussing the upcoming deliverable on that big project. These activities help build a new community.

    Hospitality in the workspace is essential. Hospitality is how your brand and culture manifest in your workplace. How does a company reach the desired hospitality experience and still maintain a happy working environment?

    Coworking Space in Connaught Place (1)
    Coworking Space in Connaught Place

    Here are the four opportunities that coworking spaces craft desired hospitality practices when starting on the next project:

    The First Impression

    Coming at a workplace is one of the most impactful ways to represent an organization’s desired hospitality experience.

    For example- We recently unveiled a newly designed reception area at coworking space in Delhi at Statesman House. The space reflects our desire to give our clients a wow factor, in turn, leveraging our research and expertise to support the development of a new work environment. Our reception entrance evokes a feeling, a vibe that delivers the first grand impression.

    Breakout Areas

    The wish for space optimization has led to decreased workstation sizes, channeling employees to breakout areas and collaborative zones. Fueling hospitality in the coworking space involves a thorough approach to functional spaces that enable connection. Breakout areas often midway located, utilize various footprints, and may or may not include technology tools.

    It can serve several purposes—functional work areas, employee food storage and eating space, event place, guest party, and even meeting space.

    Personal Space

    Usually, workers want open-plan office spaces with beautifully designed breakout areas and wonder, “How am I ever going to concentrate?” To include hospitality coworking spaces in Delhi examine sites that allow professional to accomplish their work, both in groups and alone.

    Workspace that Works Harder

    Once analyzed the first impression and spaces for groups and individuals, the fourth consideration of coworking space involves revisiting your brand and values. Our customers proudly speak about the iconic locations and the best-in-class infrastructure that we provide.

    For experience the excellent hospitality at coworking spaces in Delhi, contact us on +91 11 3044 6402 or email at


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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