How to Create an Inclusive Workplace Environment
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    How to Create an Inclusive Workplace Environment

    Posted on January 22, 2021

    Inclusiveness at the workplace can lead to better performance, leave aside the training programs and company policies; it is the leader who makes all the difference. There could be various habits of a leaders that helps create an inclusive environment at the workplace.

    • Should Know Your Team Socially

    Being in friendly terms with your colleagues will expose to the difficulties faced in various social groups. It can be used as insights to address their requirements and concerns as a leader. If required, separate schedule time with individuals for mentoring session to connect with them and build trust. Better communication with team also reduces partiality.

    • Support and Respect Team Members as Individuals

    If there is new joinee in your team, ask him whether he has talked to a colleague from the same social group. Maybe you asked with a good intention, but you may have unintentionally created an impression that you don’t see him as his teammate.

    • Don’t Try Too Hard

    Although most of us are eager to learn about different cultures, social groups, and ethnicities, we are rarely aware of building rapport. Clumsy efforts to demonstrate understanding can be risky. If you are at Avanta serviced office space in Delhi, there is culture amalgamation at our workspace. We organize networking event where one can mingle and have a good time.

    • Address Diverse Groups in Gender-Neutral Terms

    Whether you are sending out a team email or are at a conference, address the group as a team. It’s more inclusive than guys and just as easy to say.

    • Interact with everyone

    When you with the team interaction, particularly a diverse group, make the eye contact from as many people as possible. This gives people a sense of belonging. We have customized seating arrangements at meeting room in our serviced office in Delhi where you can conveniently interact with

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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