How to declutter your workspace?
Decluttering of workspace
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    How to declutter your workspace?

    Posted on October 5, 2021

    Decluttering of workspace is extremely important to ease the mind and increase productivity. Making a habit of decluttering your desk in your office space can change your work-life and sharpens your creativity. For example- Avanta’s neat and tidy office space in Delhi can alter how you perceive yourself and motivate you to be more constructive at work.

    Here are a few tips for decluttering the most crucial area in our office space in Delhi – your workspace.

    The condition of your desk is the condition of your sense. It’s proven beyond a doubt. So, clean off the mess from your desk to get more clarity and focus. That goes for your online activities too.

    • To start with, throw away belongings you don’t need – old business cards, old contact sheets, and any waste products or used cups and mugs.
    • Save all your to-do lists, spreadsheets, and documents online in the cloud. It will help declutter your timeline (also available on all your devices when as and when needed).
    • Narrow down to the available apps for list-making and reminders, thereby lessening paper use and post-it note clutter on your desk. If you choose handwritten to-do agendas, keep them all in one notebook.
    • Purge papers and keep only what’s absolutely required, then file them away. Keep one in-box on your desk for items you need to get to in the short-term (and schedule duration in your calendar to get to them).
    • Restrict newsfeeds, notifications, programs, and any other open tabs to only what you truly require for the project you are working on.
    • Turn off all the pop-up notifications that distract you even for a micro-second. That applies to your cellphone as well.
    • Delete any unused or rarely used icons from your desktop. Pin your frequently used tools to your taskbar.
    • Download an attractive, joyful, and soothing desktop wallpaper for your devices and get rid of distracting backgrounds if you have them.


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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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