How to Design a Modern Layout for your Office Space
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    How to Design a Modern Layout for your Office Space

    Posted on April 15, 2019

    When it comes down to designing a modern layout for your office space, there are several things need to be considered. Creating a new layout doesn’t mean investing huge capital and time though it can be exciting in many ways.
    Whether you are moving into a new office space in Nehru Place or looking to improve an existing one, design an attractive layout following these tips:

    Go for Natural Light

    For many reasons, this is an important part of making your office space an attractive one. Natural light helps us to see things better than fluorescent lighting. When you’re exposed to natural light, it will increase your focus and make you more efficient at the workplace.

    Concern Noise Control

    Distractions and lack of privacy are the major concerns especially in a shared office space. As per the reports, noise issues were doubled in open office layouts as compared to private offices. To minimize noise, consider placing sound-traps in your office space.

    Get Adequate Space

    Whether you have private cubicles or shared workstations, make sure that there’s enough space for you to work. Considering the safety measures, if there’s a fire or other emergency issues, there must be enough space so people can exit the premises safely and quickly.

    Consider Good Quality Furniture

    Installing poor-quality furniture can create difficulties and can be broken anytime, ultimately impacting your work. Consider researching the furniture type that fit your company’s culture and space.

    Prioritise Cleanliness

    This is another important element of office design that may affect the office’s reputation and efficiency of employees. Keeping everything neat and tidy especially floors, workstations, desks, washrooms, etc creates a sense of positivity at the workplace.
    Considering these tips will help improve your office layout significantly. If you want to choose a modern office space in Nehru Place, we, at Avanta Business Centre, can provide you with a range of fully-furnished shared spaces in Delhi, allowing you expand your business horizon.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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