How to Enhance Your Office Space on a Budget
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    How to Enhance Your Office Space on a Budget

    Posted on April 25, 2019

    Nobody likes dwelling in an old smelling, grey cubicle with cluttered furniture that thrives nothing except negativity. Nowadays, most businesses have already abolished such horrific working environment by installing modern tech equipment, furniture, high-speed internet, etc. However, things get tangled a bit when you’re on a low budget or a startup that just relocated to an office space in south Delhi.
    In this post, we’ll discuss the five effortless ways that help enhance your office space to the fullest.

    Customize Your Equipment

    Remember that your office is a home away from your home, so avoid using a mousepad with solid colours. Instead, customize your mousepad using a photo of your loved one or a destination you like.

    Install Lighting Fixtures

    Consider installing desk lamps or lighting fixtures on walls, especially the vintage ones. The lighting will offer a more sophisticated look while keeping you awake in those late-night shifts.

    Don’t Overlook Air Freshener

    When you are fixing up your office space, it is obvious to be sceptical about how things look. But make sure you don’t overlook the way your workspace smells as it might make or break your company’s image. Consider investing in a good-quality air freshener that is neither too strong nor too light.

    Get Some Desk Plants

    In recent studies, it has been proven that office plants help increase productivity and happiness significantly. So, either get small indoor plants or some flowers to add life to your desk.

    Prioritize Your Stationary

    Keep this in mind that staplers and drawing pins don’t need to be boring. Consider using pens of cartoon shapes, drawing pins in the shape of bugs, etc.
    Whether you’re a newbie who just got its office space in South Delhi or an experienced professional, these tips will not affect your budget and ensure you have some fun at work.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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