How to hire the right employee at a coworking space in Delhi?
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    How to hire the right employee at a coworking space in Delhi?

    Posted on November 9, 2020

    Every company has a unique approach towards hiring candidates as per company requirements. The company gets to focus on experience and skills and look for an ability to adapt and embrace uncertainty and an innate curiosity and desire to learn by the employee. Employers put lots of effort and time to find a candidate for a suitable post and still stays unsure about the fact that whether they hired the right candidate or not.  

    Hiring the wrong candidate for an important role could be a significant inconvenience for any company, especially a coworking space. There are many businesses and coworking spaces in Delhi which require the right talent to service their esteemed customers. As coworking spaces are known for hospitality, people who are well skilled in handling customer queries are preferred.

    Trusting blindly on the recruitment agencies looking for candidates across the globe, without knowing whether the candidate is actively looking for a job. 

    There are a few strategies and essential aspects of hiring the right employee.  

    1.Goals- Be crystal clear about expectations.   

    As per the job description for the role, we first need to understand the candidate’s aspiration for the job offered by any company. It is essential to get a clear sense of both aspects, whether there is alignment between the candidate and the company goals. 

    2. Is the candidate highly adaptive? 

    Changes are a gradual process for any company as per their company standard or for the progress. Is the employee adaptive in nature as per the requirement? Can he/she perform as per the company expectations? 

    3. Look for a carrier-oriented person. 

    One of the more important aspects you need to consider when hiring a new employee at a coworking space in Delhi is the commitment to their job. Employee who steps into the coworking industry should not be the one who is trying to juggle multiple carriers or who has been quick to shift positions and work for several companies.

    4. Assess for practical experience 

    Ideally, you should hire an employee with both qualifications and experience in a similar work line. Focus on practical experience of potential employee key because they will be able to merge themselves more quickly and become familiar with the job. 

    5. Compensation- Offered salary packages 

    As an employer, be sure the hiring person has been offered market-based compensation packages and is satisfied with what is provided. To get a clearer picture of potential workers, do a reference check for an employee before hiring and onboarding. Some agencies only work in reference and background check for candidates such as IRIS Forms.  


    On the other hand, you can’t wait more, endlessly interviewing people to find that ideal candidate. In some cases, it’s a roll of the dice. Nobody has a flawless track record in hiring. But following some of the strategies should help improve your probabilities. 


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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