How to Plan a Successful Business Event in Meeting Rooms in Gurgaon?
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    How to Plan a Successful Business Event in Meeting Rooms in Gurgaon?

    Posted on September 22, 2022

    Entrepreneurs alone do not take important business decisions. Small or big – every business entity requires a place where things can be discussed openly within four walls. People coming from different thoughts seek a space, where all thoughts could be placed together to design a bigger plan aligned to the organizational objective. In such a case, when big ideas are served on the table, professionals cannot afford not to have small things in the room – The Four Wall.

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    It is not compulsory that every time you will get the required size of meeting room sufficient to meet your needs. Having a private room with chairs, table, laptop, and projector might not be enough, especially to conduct a business meeting in place like Gurgaon. To close business deals with your global clients, you need a professional business meeting room in Gurgaon. The meeting room should have more than just the furniture.

    Organize it better

    The first impression could last forever if created thoughtfully. Start with how to organize a meeting or conference! Clients, coming across the countries seek welcoming arrangements and nothing can be more overwhelming than the arrangements made in advance seeing the possible requirements of the guests. At reception, having someone who can help with the direction to waiting area, can take calls if you are running late and pass on the message in the right manner is surely a good idea.

    Check list:

    • POC at reception, welcome board with client name, and room pointers
    • Sitting capacity in the meeting room
    • Logistics like projector, white board, speakers, microphone and video sharing logistics

    Ready IT support

    Creating a credible image is still easy but maintaining it with utmost professionalism can be daunting. It is important to have an on-call-service especially when you have an important presentation to run in the meeting. Delayed IT support can create a bad patch on the client experience. Having access to IT professional in a meeting room to help in the time of problem can be a real lifesaver. For meetings, where decision making happen in virtual world like on audio or video calls, it becomes necessary to have best technology available for communication enabling audio as well as video conferencing calls.

    Check list:

    • Give an advanced heads up of the meeting and keep IT support direct line number handy
    • Set up the projector and other logistics as per the requirement of the meeting
    • Telephone should be enabled for National and International call with conferencing service
    • Remote controls and presentation flicker should be available in room

    Small things but must to have!

    During long conference calls, it is also advisable to have office service support available. This could help in photocopying, printing and scanning the documents, maintaining the room temperature, taking care of housekeeping and serving the refreshments.

    Check list:

    • Office service support should be dressed well and know not to disturb in between
    • Office service support should be available to serve the refreshments as per the given instructions
    • Office service support should be savvy with printer, scanner and room controls

    Such things often missed out by companies, while booking meeting rooms in corporate hubs. The conference venue in Gurgaon with such facilities can add a great value to the client experience and creating an impact on how client perceive your company and its culture. We’re sure it will be much easier for you to conduct meetings if you plan beforehand. For more information or to book a meeting room in Gurgaon, please contact us on +91 11 30446402 or email at


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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