How to Plan a Transition from Home Office to Managed Office in Delhi?
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    How to Plan a Transition from Home Office to Managed Office in Delhi?

    Posted on April 11, 2022

    How do you plan your transition from home office to a managed office space in Delhi or Gurgaon? This question arises in every business/startup owner’s mind who run operations from a home or cafes. It is quite obvious that the main idea in the early days is to keep the expenses at minimum. But have you ever thought when is the right time to expand from your small home office into a more professional setup? There are several factors that you should consider while planning a transition from your home office to a space that meets your business requirements.

    When you find that you need an office space that outweighs your present business requirements, then consider a transition to the cost-effective solution of managed offices in Delhi. Planning a transition from small home office to a managed office space can be daunting. But if you want to grow your business then consider a marketplace like Delhi or Gurgaon, where image is everything.

    Here are few factors that your must keep in mind while planning this transition:

    Consider the Location and Address

    The first thing first, you should scout for an ideal office address in Delhi. Deciding on a location for your new office will take some research. If you want your presence to be felt, then make sure that you’re within the reach of your potential clients. Prime locations like Connaught Place, Nehru Place and Saket have maximum number of offices.

    Assess Your Needs and Your Budget

    When renting a managed office space in Delhi, make sure you have a clear sense of your budget. Plan how many offices or workstation you will need. If you expect an immediate expansion in the future, then look for a building that has extra space where you can expand. In you budget, include cost estimates of utilities, furniture and IT needs too. As you are planning a transition from home to a managed office, so it is important that you invest your resources wisely. If you have a limited budget, then you can even share a coworking space or introduce a hot-desking policy. This will enable your employees to share a hot-desk on a rotating basis.

    Consider Coworking or Shared Office Space 

    Renting a coworking or shared office space is a perfect option make transition from a home office to a professional environment. Located in prestigious business districts, these coworking spaces in Delhi are fully equipped and manned by a professional team. The rentals are flexible and give you an option of scaling up if you need to.

    Update Your Business Regulatory Paperwork

    Relocating your business to a new office, in a new city, or state requires some key business updates. You need to update both your business licenses and permits with your local government. You might need to re-register your business in a new location. Virtual office and GST registrations services are also provided by such coworkings.

    Keep Your Contacts in the Loop

    When planning a transition into a new office space, make sure you keep your clients and contacts in the loop. Carry out your normal business operations without any interruptions. Do send out emails and newsletters, explaining about your business expansion. Sending out updates shows your business growth and it can help you advertise your success.

    No matter what business you deal in, you’ll find a vast number of managed office spaces in Delhi that not only offer an affordable solution to your business expansion, but also gives the aesthetic architectural look that will tell the world that you are ready to do some serious business.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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