How to Survive Monday Blues in Office
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    How to Survive Monday Blues in Office

    Posted on February 6, 2023

    If you are one of the professionals working 5 days a week, battling with Monday blues is something that must be familiar with. Whether you are a pro efficient Monday lover, or you hate the alarm ringtone after a fun weekend, start a new week can be challenging.

    Tips to Survive Monday Blues in Office

    Fortunately, we have got some tips for office goers which help you to find your own way to survive monday blues in office space not only on Monday but for the entire weekday.


    Weekends are meant to have fun and relax after a long tiring five days a week. Make sure you get enough sleep, it helps you recover for upcoming weekdays.

    Clear your Desks

    We understand that most of you are in rush to leave office but clear your desk first. Create a sense of order so that you don’t need to clear all those piles of papers when you arrive on Monday morning.

    Write things down

    Plan your work on Friday rather making it on Monday morning. Doing this will make Monday more tolerable. You can resume your work immediately without wasting any time recalling your tasks.

    Plan ahead Sunday Night

    Plan out the Monday morning outfit and decide your lunch the night before—eliminating any stress in the morning. Remember to wake on time and avoid being late for work.

    Don’t skip breakfast

    To avoid morning hunger crankiness jump, start your day with healthy breakfast. It will keep you energetic for the whole day.

    Look Perfect

    Save your latest purchase to wear on Monday morning or wear something in which you feel more comfortable when headed to the office,

    Put on Smile

    Smiling beat stress. It can make you feel a lot better in your office plus you can uplift the mood of your coworkers too.

    Take Breaks

    Don’t stay glued to your chair all day, rather take a walk to get some fresh air. Avoid having tea or lunch at the desk, or if possible, take frequent breaks. And if nothing of this has worked for you and if you are dreading Mondays no matter what, then it may be time to switch careers. Pick your enthusiasm. Best of Luck!


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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