How Video-Conferencing Can Bridge Global Distances In Business?
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    How Video-Conferencing Can Bridge Global Distances In Business?

    Posted on October 24, 2016

    Video Conferencing in Delhi at Avanta Business Centre

    If the world is a global platform for your business, then video-conferencing is the platter on which you can arrange multiple flavours at a time.  With huge distances comes the cost of travelling and time taken to reach a certain destination. Video-conferencing is the ubiquitous decision that suits such businesses.

    Multiple locations on the world map means keeping everyone in the loop and then moving forward. With the competitive advantage, your business gets an increased flexibility while being dynamic as you inculcate videoconferencing a habit of conducting business.

    Connect to your dispersed staff without incurring the cost for traveling. Whether you need to address your staff members or your global clients/ stakeholders, using videoconferencing is the best option while you are on the go. Conduct a board room meeting and even a press conference, inviting your guests at San Francisco to address them in Delhi. You get all this in the most professional manner with the best streaming quality and price only with us.

    The question arises:
    With so many free-wares available in the market, why would one choose video conferencing as an option that is paid?
    Those free wares available in the market do not allow you to present forth a life size image of the whole room you are presenting in. You can zoom in and zoom out for your convenience, the audio/ video quality is unmatchable with no streaming problems. It is more like talking to the person in the huge screen. Our business centre Nehru Place, being the latest one in the offering, also offers the video conferencing option while you choose to hire a meeting room with us.
    Hotels do not offer you such facility and if they do, they charge you exorbitantly.  We boast of charging the most nominal ones while delivering the best experience to you. Moreover, using our meeting rooms makes you a complete professional while you deal with the world. With all the sophistication required during your meeting, our fully manned reception staff aids you in making it a success.

    Now, there is no need to repeat those trainings for multiple locations. Moreover, the scope of exposing the talent to the world also increases manifold. Not only does this saves on travel but an enormous amount of effort and time. You don’t have to scramble for any infrastructure required to conduct such kind of meetings. You can simply book a meeting room in Delhi or Gurgaon with us to leverage this service.

    A video conferencing provides another dimension to the level of interaction that is going on, especially in the time of crisis. You can see those reactions and easily make out the implications the decision is going to have on the organization. The other aspect to it can be the need of interacting personally, or building that trust or rapport as closely as possible with the client sitting thousand miles away from you.

    For many, it is hard to do business without using videoconferencing facility in their business. It is meant only for those businesses that travel with the speed of light. And, who does not want a leg up in the competition?


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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