Major Disadvantages of Working from Home
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    Major Disadvantages of Working from Home

    Posted on August 4, 2020

    Many entrepreneurs and startups choose to work from home instead of opting for office space in Delhi due to the financial benefits it provides. Add to that the ability to keep a flexible schedule, a cozy work environment, and doing away with professional clothes; working from home sure seems like the ultimate luxury.

    Technological advancement has now made it easier to work from home. With the appearance of video and telephonic conferencing software, it is now possible to connect with clients and employees.

    When we talk about working from home, many people imagine themselves zipping through their work tasks and then having time to attend to other things. While in reality, there are a few disadvantages when it comes to working from home. While the astute entrepreneur may not want to go with taking a traditional office space, opting for office space in Connaught place has its benefits.

    Distractions: When working from home there are many distractions present. The employee has to juggle between the demands of work and family. Zipping through the workload becomes a bit challenging when you have to deal with children, cleaning, and making meals. Also, your family may not understand why you are ignoring them and it becomes difficult to get the balance between work and family life. Office Space in Connaught Place, provide a calm and professional space to work from and gives you privacy from all such distractions.

    Blurring of working hours: Most people imagine that you only have to work from 9 to 5. One major consideration is that these lines get blurred when work from home. Employers may consider it ok to give work or get updates beyond official work hours. When utilizing office space in Delhi employers are more likely to respect personal time and you can keep to the official work hours.

    Lack of office equipment: Not having the proper office equipment can hamper your work efficiently. Most business owners who work from home do not have a proper work set up. Though they may have a desktop or laptop to work from other equipment such as printers, scanners might not be available. Providers of office space in Connaught place have all the necessary items to assist your work. Anything from printers, scanners, binding and laminating machines, shredders, and other stationery items are available at your disposal.

    Ergonomic Furniture: When working from home you may not have a professional set with a table and chairs. Most people sit on their bed or sofa to work. Working in this position for a long duration can hurt your back. Office space in Connaught Place provides ergonomic furniture to prevent such back and muscle strains.

    Meetings: When you work from home it might seem like a boon to do away with the meetings. Most workspaces still expect the employee to attend meetings through phone or video calls. Working from home you may get ancillary background noises such as the television, doorbells ringing, and family chatter. By taking the option of serviced offices you can use the meeting rooms which provide a quiet, calm and professional area to deal with these meetings.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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