Open Plan Office Space: Is It Hitting Hard On Your Health
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    Open Plan Office Space: Is It Hitting Hard On Your Health

    Posted on July 31, 2018

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    Open office layout may spare some cost for the management, yet do you realize that this is hitting hard to the physical and mental health of their employees. People think that an open office plan will automatically generate activity, but workers are still static, more terrible, or they say they can’t concentrate. A recent study shows that the intense visibility and lack of privacy make the workers change the way they work. The top disadvantage of open office space in Delhi is noise. According to employee surveys and reports that workers are not fan of open offices trend. They grumble of distraction, noise, dropped productivity a loss of privacy and on top of that a constant feeling of “being watched”.
    To avoid the surrounding noise affecting their work the workers is usually seen putting on headphones hurting their ear and brain. The Psychologists in different organisations have been examining the upsides and drawbacks of open-plan offices and have made some very interesting findings.
    Sitting at the work area, composing an email requires focus and the noise of others chatting on their telephones, the bang of fellow workers moving about, and even simple snorts and coughs have been appeared to be a distraction. Noise is one of the key contributors to stress at the workplace. Add to that the visual impact of people moving around and there is another tangible overload.
    The other measures that were crucial included work satisfaction, relationships, and a feeling of anxiety. The staff felt less close to colleagues, they found the office itself disruptive and unpleasant. Subsequently, productivity fell. This is not unexpected as humans have a need for both privacy and collegiality, however we jump at the chance to have some control over each.

    When Privacy Comes as A Major Issue

    Privacy in Office
    We also jump at the chance to get on well with our colleagues, but we may not wish to sit near them continually. Some feel that their privacy and security is undermined by others listening stealthily on their phone discussions or looking at their PCs.
    There is now clear confirmation that as the number of people in a given office space increases, so does absenteeism. This might be a direct result of the higher rate of contamination, blood pressure increases, irritability or stress levels, all of which have been discovered again and again in open-plan as compared to traditional office spaces.

    When Hygiene Issues cannot be compromised

    Food on workstation
    Office hygiene can be vital to the health of your business and well as your team.In the conventional office, people bring in their personal effects such as photos, decorations, cards and so on. The personal touch is much more compelled in the modern office. Indeed, simple environmental factors such as the temperature, the light and the noise level are beyond the control of the person. If it’s too hot, the person who prefers a cooler environment is not at freedom to adjust it.
    There is likewise the later pattern, as low maintenance work has expanded, of a few people utilizing a similar work area. This makes additional burdens relating to privacy. Most people keep personal items in a drawer at work – perfume, drinking mugs, a book for lunchtime reading, cigarettes. But this may become obsolete as one becomes a nomadic lodger at the desk; it is no longer ‘my space’.
    There are even undesirable practical consequences. If the drawer gets stuck, it may go unreported as nobody has ownership. The sharer might be an untidy eater and leave scarps lying about. All these make the workplace more unwieldy to arrange.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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