Paradigm Shift In Work-Space
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    Paradigm Shift In Work-Space

    Posted on April 25, 2022

    Work Culture is changing enormously—it’s not just that jobs are changing; it’s also how we work, where we work and how employers are in lure with managed office setup.

    Futuristic work space primarily focuses on three things: giving employees physical work spaces they want, having up-to-date technology (the tools they need), and a culture they can cherish.

    Thereby, Avanta Business Centre  with its comprehensive range of business centres and coworking spaces in Delhi NCR has established managed office set up as per the contemporary populace.

    According to Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta Business Centre, “Companies today crave flexibility and complete serviceability in business. Avanta specializes in delivering on both these aspects with its Plug and Play Set-up that allows businesses to readily move in without paying any entry or exit. Our serviced setups are equipped with the latest audio-visual facilities to conduct meetings and conferences as well as other corporate events.

    With an ambiance designed to boost productivity and efficiency, Avanta’s business facilities have played a pivotal role in the success of numerous well established and fledgling businesses in Delhi. Our core strength is our client centric approach working out of the box solutions for each client, we understand every business is different and their expectations from their office are different, we pay special emphasis on client satisfaction and exceeding their expectations, that’s why our clients like to stay with us forever.”

    Few game changing trends in futuristic set up includes:

    Befitting Business Requirements


    In this era of haste and progression, corporates/start ups/entrepreneurs  are seeking for FUTURISTIC Work spaces that have already incorporated all their business requirements. For instances, a reception with prim and proper staff that addresses all business needs. We may be addicted to technology, there is nothing as enticing as human touch. Akin to euphoria, everything will be tailored as per you preference;  from being ushered towards business lounge by warm professionals  to availing reception and virtual office services.

    Mindful and Quirky Break Out Realms


    Amid constant toil and chaos of prevalent competition in the market, the contemporary populace seeks a perfect respite.  It is not viable to visit Starbucks or Café Coffee Day every time.  Keeping this perspective in mind, the business centres are coming with quirky and mindful set ups that are ingeniously designed  to unwind. The pantries, business lounges  area have started incorporating,  surreal furniture, qualitative coffee machines and modernistic  technology.  Avanta Business Centre have pantries that unwind tiresome souls and give much needed breather.

    Design for Enhancing Productivity


    One type of space that every office needs is one that fosters complete concentration. Many Avanta Business Centre locations proffers ambience that enhance  productivity.  Research says in the future, people will need to be  to do specialized work to set them apart. That requires the ability to focus, which helps people quickly learn new things, enabling them to work faster and at a higher pace. In spite of constant brouhaha revolving fancy setups, Avanta Business Centre Centre has remained resolute in keeping intact the professional setup. The meeting rooms are unruffled and well equipped, there is no trace of deviation, everything thoroughly professional and business oriented.

    As per  JLL, speaking about investors, corporate tenants or developers it is technology and people at the core of everything. Thus, modern workplace will primarily strive to meet the flexible needs of the 21st century.

    For more information at the managed office in Delhi or Gurgaon, call us on +91 11 30446402 or email at


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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