Premium Coworking Space: Connaught Place

premium coworking space in connaught place
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    Premium Coworking Space: Connaught Place

    Posted on January 15, 2018

premium coworking space in connaught place
    Based in heart of Delhi, Connaught place is the most preferred location for Coworking. A noticeable address is one of the defining factors in how successful a business would be. If your business is based in a prime location, you can rely on higher footfall or the prestige of being based in a thriving commercial district. By using a coworking space in Connaught Place, budding entrepreneurs and startups may boast of an office in a prime location, where huge investment is not required unlike conventional startup costs, like office furniture, Internet and electricity bills, utility and service charges, etc. When it comes in considering Coworking centers worldwide, the best of them are the ones which are comfortably accessible, and that place can be none better than Connaught Place.
    About Connaught Place
    Popularly known as CP, the area has an all-around connectivity even to NCR regions. Its British styled infrastructure houses headquarters of many banks and Indian firms. It’s not just a prime location, additionally, this place is the hub of finance, retail business where the global and regional head offices of world’s major companies reside in the high rises that are around the periphery of Connaught Place circle. The bustling nature of the Central Business District consists major government houses, colorful markets and shopping centers.
    Most famous landmarks for office spaces and retail activities are Inner Circle, Outer Circle, Statesman House, Gopal Das Tower, Ansal Bhawan etc.
    What influences Connaught Place for coworking space-
    -Its proximity to the all adjacent prime areas such as ITO, Mandi House, Minto Road, Janpath Street, Sansad Marg, India Gate and so on.
    -It ranks in top 10 expensive commercial space in the world overtaking business destinations in Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo.
    -The public connection in this place is excellent, Transport within the city is well served by the Delhi Metro, Auto and DTC buses.
    -As night draws in, the area gets exuberant with numerous bars and clubs.
    -Easy access to IGI airport and New Delhi Railway Station that makes you more convenient if you are a frequent traveler.”


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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