Renting an Office Space in Delhi – Have You Thought of Hidden Costs
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    Renting an Office Space in Delhi – Have You Thought of Hidden Costs

    Posted on January 27, 2022

    Business is all about smart decisions. A business manager is constantly bombarded with questions like What?, How?, When? and Where?. An ability to quickly figure out the right answers is what differentiates one business from the other and paves the path to success. One such dilemma facing a business manager is whether to “buy an office space”, “rent a furnished office” or “opt for a serviced office at a professionally managed business centre”.

    While buying an office space might sound like the best idea, it is not always possible for businesses to make such a huge financial commitment while opening up a new office or starting up a new venture. Hence, most businesses are left with the option of either renting a furnished office space or taking serviced office space.

    While renting furnished offices is the norm, the trend is fast changing, thanks to the advent of state-of-the-art fully furnished offices and business infrastructure available with leading business centres. Therefore, the cost of renting a furnished office seems lesser than that of a managed office, however, have one must account for the hidden costs. Let’s discuss some of these.

    • Fixed Costs

    A rented office comes with various fixed overhead costs like maintenance tax, property tax, water tax, electricity bills, housekeeping and hospitality expenses, plus the occasional cost for buying and upgrading IT hardware, network infrastructure, security devices and communication devices, etc. Moreover, one has to invest in hiring and training a professional reception staff which can double up as call handling and call forwarding executives.

    Just like in the case of a fully owned office, even a rented office requires you to have dedicated personnel for housekeeping, maintenance, IT helpdesk and repairs, etc. to ensure that the infrastructure is managed and maintained as per your company’s standards.

    • Variable Costs

    In addition to the fixed costs, a rented office space might not have enough facilities for arranging a conference or a training session which might demand a fully functional meeting room facility. Hence, one might be forced to rent a meeting room in a hotel, which again attracts additional overheads for travel, hospitality, etc.

    Here is How Serviced Offices Are Different

    If you are looking for a professional and hassle-free solution to office space requirements, turn to serviced offices. This brings to you, a host of benefits such as:

    • Peace of Mind – A Single Payment per month

    That’s right. “Serviced Office”= “benefits of rented offices”– “overhead costs” and extreme peace of mind! Unlike a rented office, a serviced office is handled by a business centre which is a professionally managed business infrastructure provider.

    One can avail serviced office in Delhi for a fixed monthly package which covers all the infrastructure, maintenance and overhead expenses in a single invoice. It spells maximum convenience.

    • Highly Flexible

    In a scenario where businesses are dynamic, shouldn’t your office spaces be adaptable too? A business centre allows you a scale up and scales down your office size at will! From a one-person office to a conference for fifty participants – a business centre brings to you utmost flexibility to meet your varying business needs.

    Additional serviced offices in Delhi can be availed and meeting rooms can be rented to meet specific temporary or permanent business needs. One can also customise the layout of the office or the meeting room to cater to specific team sizes, create personal cabins, or facilitate AV led training sessions.

    • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Serviced offices bring you the best-in-class infrastructure for your business. Elegant reception areas and lobbies lead you to furnished offices with personal desks for plugging up workstations. Every office has high-speed LAN and Wi-Fi connections along with IP desk phones. Common IT amenities include video conferencing facilities, printing and photocopying facilities and more. Other office facilities include central air conditioning, access to common areas, waiting areas, etc.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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