Safety and Security Measures at a Coworking Space
Safety and Security Measures at a Coworking Space
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    Safety and Security Measures at a Coworking Space

    Posted on June 9, 2020

    As the Coworking Spaces in Delhi continue to gain more popularity, chances of an increase in the security issues would come to the fore. Here are the critical measures operators should take to enhance the security of their coworking space, specifically access control, physical safety, and data security.

    Securing the Entry Points

    security guard

    Entry points of the premises are often the weakest areas, and they need to be secured. To ensure a safer working environment is to make sure that the main entry doors are locked, and key card or other identification entries are implemented to access the floor.

    Monitoring Surveillance with Front Desk Staff


    Coworking spaces should have cameras at the right spot streaming and recording 24/7 to ensure the safety of the clients and the integrity of the physical space itself. The front office person should keep a regular check on the screen, to see if cameras displaying the areas under surveillance are working smoothly. However, another dimension of responsibility is ideal for a front desk staff, and that’s the role of handling visitor security and safety.

    Protection Against Cyber-Threats

    Cyber security

    Keeping users’ data and coworking’s internal infrastructure safe from cyber-attacks requires a different security protocol. Coworking space operators in Delhi, must make sure that every network, even the guest Wi-Fi is password protected and segmented from your primary systems. It’s great practice to frequently change SSIDS and passwords of Wi-Fi to prevent old or previous members from still having access. Access can also be synced to active clients by performing daily, weekly & monthly to restrict unauthorized usage.

    With an increase in technology, an increasing number of crimes are taking place in cyberspace. If the computers and IT systems are not secure, there’s a high-level risk of damage and loss. Make sure all the information and customer data are secured on the operator’s cloud-based IT systems. Keeping the coworking space in Delhi updated with new security protocols could be followed to enhance cybersecurity.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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