Shared Office Space: MNCs, Start-Ups, Hire Single Workstation In Delhi NCR
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    Shared Office Space: MNCs, Start-Ups, Hire Single Workstation In Delhi NCR

    Posted on April 29, 2016

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    It is not just one workstation, they also get to use the business address as their own to reflect on their company’s website. That’s called pervasiveness or increasing footprints globally of your business. The concept, shared office, is being used by many MNCs who are in expansion mode. This is also the favourite option for many start-ups who like to begin it professionally.
    A shared office space is a work space wherein a lot of workstations are arranged in one big room and you share the space with people belonging from different organizations. Usually it is being arranged by a facility provider who arranges all the required infrastructure for a business to prosper.

    How does it help the businesses to thrive?

    There are many MNCs and organizations that are situated abroad and would like to explore the Indian market as well. Due to lack of resources, they are unable to bring their business to the Indian land. They find it convenient to hire a shared office space at a prime location wherein they can let two people cover their client base in the region.
    Sometimes, an organization is in a temporary expansion mode or, there may be few projects that are on temporary basis and require the work to be performed confidentially. A shared office space then gels well with their requirement.
    For start-ups, it is like a ‘heaven on earth’ adage. They need not spend too much on their resources and yet get a professional platform to launch their first business idea. It is the most suitable professional podium for them rather than working from a make-shift basement of a home or even a garage.
    What they get in return is way ahead of what they can never achieve in that time frame while managing it alone.

    What does a co-working space provide?

    A co-working space in Delhi NCR is available at five prime locations in Delhi and Gurgaon:

    1. 4thfloor, Statesman House, Connaught Place, Delhi
    2. 1stfloor, Southern Park, Saket, Delhi
    3. 12thfloor, Ambadeep, Central Delhi, Delhi
    4. 6thfloor, Park Centra, sector-30, Gurgaon
    5. 2thfloor, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi

    Avanta Business Centre is the chief player in providing work space solutions to businesses in this regard. Renting a co-working space with us means the following things:
    1. Your business gets a prime location address.
    2. You get access to a professional platform which is equipped with a workstation, fully furnished office space, premium pantry services, lighting, IT infrastructure, IP phones, internet services, wi-fi, UPS back up.
    3. Get started right when you want to. It is that easy.
    4. Secretarial services are available throughout your working hours at a manned reception.
    5. You get to use our professional meeting rooms in Gurgoan and Delhi on 20 per cent discount.
    That’s just not all. The benefits of hiring a co-working space with us is beyond words. You got to experience it once.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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