Should you work from home or a coworking space
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    Should you work from home or a coworking space

    Posted on August 17, 2020

    Let’s admit, how many of us face multiple distractions while working from home? Why do we still prefer? Why not enter the coworking space?

    Analyze what are your business requirements during an unprecedented time, remember the troubles and frustration would decline your productivity, therefore, treat your business with all the amenities which you don’t get at the home office.

    Here we mention whether a home office is effective or working at a coworking space in Delhi.

    1. How customized coworking spaces in Delhi work productively?

    No doubt as this concept is about sharing workspaces under one roof. Yes, as the name suggests, it is a space where stand out entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-ups work together for their respective companies, also share their experience to maximize the business opportunities.

    This one-stop destination comes in different layouts, every business can fit here efficiently!

    For example, freelancers prefer a single workstation whereas companies choose the workspace according to their team size. Though the coworking space in Delhi offers numerous features, here we will discuss why these spaces are an attractive option during the current, and post-pandemic time?

    There is an array of facilities and services which are shared at the common platform which you wouldn’t get while working from home. So, mentioning all the facilities could make a long list, but yes when you hire a dedicated desk or hot desk you will be able to know what all you get to compliment your business.

    The stand out amenities which are shared by the coworking service providers are:

    • Access to the conference room
    • Access to the pantry and breakout areas.
    • A corporate mailing addresses
    • Premium location
    • Short term rental agreement
    • Transparent pricing
    • Administrative services
    • Housekeeping etc.

    2. What is a safe coworking space concept during coronavirus pandemic.?

    Special measures are implemented at the coworking space in Delhi to reduce the risk of being affected by the coronavirus. The Coworking space providers take all the precautionary measures as advised by the local government.

    • The objectives are considered:
    • The distance of 6ft between the desks
    • Floors marks are indicated in the common areas for social distancing.
    • Sanitizers are placed at the common points
    • Restricted entry in the premise
    • No entry without temperature examination.

    Frequent sanitization of the touchpoints like taps, doorknobs, coffee machine switch, etc.

    Healthy workspace is the prime concern for most of the professionals, therefore, each point at the coworking space are sanitized regularly. You are safe working at the coworking space, also you can meet each other from a safe distance, in meeting rooms.

    3. How is Avanta committed to provide the best coworking space in Delhi that will reduce your overhead expenses?

    It has been proved that most of the entrepreneurs want to shift to coworking space from the traditional office as it’s the best way to minimize the cost without hampering the business operations.

    Our coworking space decreases the financial burden during this crisis when companies are having difficulties in generating profits. If anyone is planning to start a new business, he/she can start operating their business from our coworking space in Delhi from day 1.

    For more information, please contact on 011-3044 6402 or email at


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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