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    ‘So sorry series’ at Avanta

    Posted on February 25, 2016

    At all the Avanta Business Centres, we maintain a professional ambience for our clients especially at the reception area. Which means, no giggling, eating or chatting while we work. But when we are offered the opportunity to do so, we do take that liberty. We are not that boring after all.
    Here’s how we catch our lower lip in our teeth as though it was the only way to stop ourselves from laughing too much! Oops! We do maintain that professional look.

    1. Internet malfunction

    It was 9:05 am on a working day and a phone rang at Avanta’s reception from an in-house client saying, “Please check my internet connection, it is not working.” One of our service coordinator attended to the query immediately and reached the client’s office.
    Service coordinator: Which computer is not working mam?
    Client: This one on my desk. Could you please figure out the problem?
    SC: Sure mam, let me have a look at the LAN wires.
    As soon as the LAN wire at CPU was located, its other end was also searched for which was found to be plugged in the client’s laptop!

    2. Virtually yours

    We offer virtual office space in our business centres wherein you have the liberty to be at your convenient location and use our office address as yours for day-to-day dealings. Not just that, we also offer call forwarding and mailing/courier services for your important parcels/ documents. In case you want to schedule a meeting with your client, you can also book a meeting room with us.
    So, that’s how the story goes: A client booked a virtual office in Delhi with us along with a meeting room for few hours. He was seated in the reception area, waiting for his client to come. The meeting was scheduled at 12:00 pm and it was 12:30 pm already. So, he called up his client to ask about his whereabouts.
    At the same time, we observed that there was someone seated opposite to our client answering a phone call and replying that, “I have reached your office, I am waiting for you to come since half an hour.”
    And catching them up together at that awkward moment made it difficult for us to manage. We did manage though!

    3. Calls denied

    You need a board line number in your office for your day to day important calls. Our business centres in Gurgaon and Delhi are equipped with Cisco IP Phones which enables pervasive presence and conferencing capabilities. One of our client was concerned about making a call that day which he could not. So he approached the reception.
    Client: Madam, my phone is not working. I am unable to make calls?
    SC: Sir, please give me a moment. Let me check it.
    As soon as the service coordinator reached his desk, his phone screen was blank and was requiring an ID and password (which we generally provide to all the clients before checking in) to operate. He was simply logged out.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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