Start-ups : This too shall pass!
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    Start-ups : This too shall pass!

    Posted on November 10, 2016

    Life is an echo of what we do. Mind is the fulcrum in deviating our thoughts to either towards the most glorious end or into the most devastating ones. Failures are the cause of success in our lives. All we must do is rudder our thoughts towards being positive. A lot of start-ups muster that courage to start but stretch themselves hard to survive in the competition. Lack of resources is one big problem that they face.
    This was true until the advent of business centres as an option to forget about the pains of doing it all by a scratch. Today, a lot of start-ups prefer to be flexible of their plans for an easy entry and easy exit in/ from the market. Tying your business capital which is already meagre in real estate does not sound a feasible option anymore. Why not go for a virtual office in Delhi or Gurgaon rather than a conventional one?

    Virtual office Vs Conventional office space: Advantages

    Parameters Conventional office Virtual office
    Location Fixed Omnipresent
    Trust Deepens only with plush commercial location Is built instantly with the prime business address
    Investment Huge Very nominal to compare
    Infrastructure Required (furniture, internet connection, phone bills and other utility bills to be met) Not required
    Hiring of front office staff Becomes a costly proposition Fully manned reception is included in the package
    Business calls You might miss them/ will not be able to showcase a professional upfront Professional receptionists answer your business calls in your company name
    Meetings They happen in a café/ restaurant, reflecting a poor professional image Your professional image remains intact as you use our meeting rooms

    For start-ups, showcasing the right impression in the first meeting makes a long-lasting impact on the business. With the virtual office, you can leverage an impression that goes viral effortlessly. While you use our meeting rooms in Delhi or Gurgaon, that have landmark locations to invite your clients to, it makes an impression bearing trust. With assured reliance comes the moment when you are ready to launch yourself in the market confidentially with a serviced office space and an increased team members.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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