Take It Easy: From Home Office To Landmarks
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    Take It Easy: From Home Office To Landmarks

    Posted on November 8, 2021

    It’s time for a change. Move your home office to a professionally upgraded space to meet your clients in a prompter manner. Delays can be harmful to your business growth. You ought to understand the key points of why an office space is important for your daily functioning. One is that you built a presence in the market for your business. Set the ball rolling in the right direction if you want it to be done in a successful fashion.

    As per the latest CBRE report, the rental values of commercial space continued to inch upwards in the Central Business Districts (CBDs) of most of the cities. That in the Connaught Place, the trend witnessed a growth in 5,000- 20,000 sq ft of this space segment from corporates.

    The key point is: Never buckle under pressure

    Howsoever the rental values inch up, those choosing an office space on rent in Delhi or Gurgaon should never over-rule the possibilities of a serviced office. Even if you are a start-up, your plan should be to reach your target audience right at the bull’s eye. Rub shoulders with the top-notches, increase your networking opportunities under the same office roof. This is not possible until you set your ends out in the market to a professional set-up to define yourself.

    How a landmark commercial location has the potential to let you stand out?

    The idea is simple. When you are at landmarks, the footfall and eye balls stick to your brand consciously and unconsciously. An office space on rent in Delhi or Gurgaon with us, allows you that flexibility to showcase your products/services in the most desired fashion. It is a plug and play mode that the concept of serviced offices bangs on. You can leave behind a lot of your competitors when you choose a space that is already managed and in full capacity to handle all your office requirements.

    Why it is important to relegate a separate space for office?

    Rolling down to the most important aspect of it is, trust. True, that businesses run on time and money but the most important aspect to get it started is trust. If you build that, half of your job is done. It is worth an effort to rent office space in Delhi but, a conventional one shall slow down the process of this trust building activity while the unconventional way out is to hire a fully managed one and forget about the miscellaneous botherations.

    Don’t allow your comfort zone to ruin away the possibilities of your business to get noticed. As per the CBRE report, the leasing activity in Gurgaon occurred mostly in the form of a medium or small sized transaction. Rent an office space in Delhi or Gurgaon with élan with us. The reasons are plenty:

    1. Choose from 1.25 lakh sq ft of commercial space in Delhi and Gurgaon
    2. We have over 1500 workstations
    3. Served more than 1000 corporates till date with their space requirements
    4. Combo deal of getting all your botherations solved
    5. You save on your business capital hence, it comes under your budget
    6. Start your operations from day one
    7. Choose landmark locations
    8. Get a fully manned reception with professionals from hospitality background
    9. Get noticed
    10. Get access to the latest technology for that ease of doing business
    11. Create that bang with your first ever interaction with your client.

    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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