The Combination Of Serviced Offices And Technology Is Deadly
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    The Combination Of Serviced Offices And Technology Is Deadly

    Posted on June 15, 2016

    serviced office avanta business centre
    Areas of Delhi NCR that host major business hubs do realize the importance of technology but rarely know what and how to use for an optimum level efficiency. Technology is known to cut down costs and improve communication channels. If used prudently, it can be the best asset of a business else, it is better kept as a liability in a storage.
    The question now arises, do only the whales of businesses need technology for their expanded networks or even small fishes can use it? The answer is simple. It is the need that varies but the goal of every organization remains the same, that is, to sprout or keep growing. The more effort you put into your business, the more it grows.

    How the Combination of Serviced Offices and Technology becomes deadly?

    To use technology in an optimum manner, the first and foremost requirement is to have an office space that should be self-sufficient to meet your requirements. Basic IT infrastructure like an internet connection is a must but what apart from these can help you stand out from the crowd?
    Setting up your office from a scratch weans out the vigor to financially support your plans for a technology that can boost your operations. For its best use, choosing a serviced office works wonders.  Here is how the combination of a serviced offices and technology becomes deadly:

      • Be omnipresent with an IP phone

    ip phone avanta business centre
    IP phones are the best when it comes to business callings. Instead of using the regular PSTN networks, these phones require internet to transfer or place calls. With extension mobility feature, you can easily log in to your account while the VoIP phone downloads the data from the internet to allow you the access. Use it from anywhere in the world with your ID and password to get your calls transferred to you. Our serviced offices Gurgaon and Delhi support this technology usage.

      • Printing over the internet

    avanta business centre
    While using our serviced office space, you get access to our unique reprographic area wherein you are exposed to different functions that support your daily office requirements like printing, photocopying, paper thresher, paper binder, scanning etc. You can give a locked print from your system to the printer in that area. The function of this utility is, that the printer will require a password to proceed with the command. Once you reach the reprographic area, feed the password and you are ready to receive your confidential print outs.

    • Business meetings made easy with video conferencing

    avanta business centre
    A ready to use office equipment that is popular among professionals to cut costs and efforts, video conferencing is the most efficient technology that provides end to end solutions. Our conference rooms in Gurgaon and Delhi are known to be tech savvy for these functionalities that help businesses to communicate easily. Projectors and flip charts also help them deliver their first ever business presentation in the most impressive manner.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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