Tips to Get Productive with that Friday Feeling
Tips to Get Productive with that Friday Feeling
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    Tips to Get Productive with that Friday Feeling

    Posted on August 10, 2018

    Tips to get productive with that Friday Feeling
    With the weekend approaching in a couple of hours, we can’t deny that we all pretend to be productive with Friday Feeling striking hard in our heads, regardless of how much we love our business. At times it’s a workspace that makes you feel good, so you do better. If you work in an environment where you feel dizzy even it’s a weekday, then our fully furnished office for rent in Delhi can be a solution for you where we offer a vibrant work culture that let you focus solely on your business while we are there to look after your office. Please read our next article which discusses the perks of having an office space in Avanta Business Center.

    So, here we bring few tips to apply on this notoriously unproductive day to keep you mega-focused in the office to get a super-productive Friday.

    Clean Office, Clean Mind

    We all know the phrase, ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ and the same apply to your workplace as well especially when your office is in coworking space! Before you check your emails and get started with your Friday to-do list, invest some energy in getting your desk looking sparkling clean. A tidy desk will lessen distractions and help you focus and will give you a decent fresh start to kickstart a constructive day.

    Divide your To-Do List

    When you are strategizing what to do with your Friday, why not attempt Pomodoro Technique? Try diving your tasks for the day into half-hour time slots, allowing yourself 25 minutes to work on a task then a 5-minute break. The short time slots will put a bit of time pressure on, helping to keep you spurred and make you feel like you are completing the scheduled tasks on time. When you take your breaks, ensure you utilize them appropriately. Stretch your legs, have a chat with coworkers or even a quick meditation session, whatever you need to refresh.

    Tackle your plan for the Day

    Friday is never the greatest day to start a big venture in the city, and when that Friday Feeling hits, you have the minimal possibility of completing mammoth tasks done before the weekend. If bigger assignments can wait, uncover your daily agenda list and tick off all those little tasks you have been putting off all week. Then you will be prepared to start afresh next Monday morning.

    Make the most of Lunch Break

    We are often more productive in the first half of the day only to hit a bit of a wall toward the evening. An awesome method to avoid the afternoon droop is to re-energize by fitting in a quick 5 minutes workout or energetic walk at lunchtime. It is said that even just a 20-minute walk can vastly enhance your cognitive performance. You will be back at the desk feeling refreshed, energized and prepared to tackle the afternoon.

    Plan Prior to Execution

    Spend the last part of your Friday afternoon strategizing what you have to achieve next week. That way, you won’t stress over work throughout the weekend and you’ll be able to walk into the office on Monday knowing precisely what you have to do and stall out in.

    And now that you know all the steps you need to take care of your Friday feeling, you will be able to make Friday a hyper-productive day like every other weekday. Have a fabulous day and appreciate the end of the week.

    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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