What are the factors you should consider when moving to an office space in Delhi?
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    What are the factors you should consider when moving to an office space in Delhi?

    Posted on August 20, 2020

    Whatever the reasons are, moving your business out of the home to an office space in Delhi is a turning point for your business, and the decision requires a lot of legwork and research. By now, you must have faced some of the questions that could help in looking for a new office. How much space do you need? How many workstations are required? Is there any meeting room that you wish to have separately?

    Here are a few factors to consider when moving to an office space in Delhi:

    • Budget. The last thing you would want is to spend a hefty amount on the workspace. Analyze what the office setup costs, including fit-outs, utilities, furnishings, parking, and commuting expenses, are. Examine the amount with the office space in Delhi managed by a business center. You will have an idea of how much you can save!
    • Size. Decide how many workstations you need, taking into account the number of team members. Also, consider your growth projections. The idea is to find an office space in Delhi at a business center is to spend on what is required. It would be best if you got the flexibility to choose the size of the area and outgrow when needed.
    • Location. A lot goes into choosing an office location. You may want to be at the most prestigious position in the city town. You may consider to be in the vicinity of similar businesses, or far away from the competitors. Connectivity is another significant aspect; make sure the location you choose is easily accessible through private and commercial vehicles or public transport.
    • Amenities. Different office space in Delhi offers different types of facilities, such as receptionists, conference rooms, serviced offices, parking areas, full IT support, fast internet connection etc.. When looking for office space, know how much you can spend and the size of the space you need. And prepare a list of the location factors and amenities that are most important to you.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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