What Etiquette You Follow in a Shared Office Space?
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    What Etiquette You Follow in a Shared Office Space?

    Posted on January 27, 2021

    While working in a shared space, be a responsible working professional by following some shared office etiquette rules. From always clearing up your desk before you leave, ensuring you keep the volume in control when you are having a chat with your colleagues; you should follow certain rules to make sure everybody in the shared space in Delhi be comfortable and happy.

    Here we mention some shared space etiquettes.

    Clear any clutter you make

    One of the crucial rules to follow when operating out of a shared space is always clearing up after yourself. For example– if you and your colleagues had a coffee conversation in a meeting room or heat your lunch in the microwave – clearing up as you got it for the next person will be a sophisticated behaviour. After all, you wouldn’t want to have to wipe the microwave or wipe coffee machine before using them, would you?

    Don’t contribute in making noise

    When we talk about shared office etiquette, it’s suggested to keep the volume to a minimum when you’re at any phone call or talking to any of your colleagues. Also, ensure that the music you are listening through your headphone isn’t too loud, it might cause disturbance to a coworker working near your desk.

    Don’t use anything which belong to others

    Whether you are going to a client meeting and you have not got any pen, or you forgot your coffee mug at home, and there are no clean ones in the pantry -keep in mind not to use other people’s things in your shared space.

    If you have built a rapport, ask them to lend their pen or any other item instead just picking them up from someone’s desk – you don’t wish to be known as the office thief, after all!

    Be mindful of the food you are eating

    Avoid smelly food in the office, and even crunchy food can be a nightmare too. There’s nothing worse than when you are at your desk, and someone walks past you with really smelly food that remains in the air – or worse – in the office microwave! When you are at any shared space in Delhi with other people, it’s essential to consider how the food you’re eating for lunch might affect other people. You coworker will thank you for this.

    Be Courteous with the use of Meeting Rooms

    When you share a workspace with several other people, it’s necessary to make sure you are courteous with the meeting room usage. From avoiding block-bookings and cancel it repeatedly, to ensure you leave it tidy for the next person – it’s one of the most critical shared space etiquette rules.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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