What Kick Starts A Start-Up? A Unique Idea Or An Ideal Location?
unique idea or ideal location
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    What Kick Starts A Start-Up? A Unique Idea Or An Ideal Location?

    Posted on October 7, 2016

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    The question is not about driving a start-up or sustaining it amidst high competition. But, is there a catalyst that drives them uphill for that much needed visibility? There are umpteen kinds of businesses that flourish today. History proves it, many successful ventures started from a garage or even a dormitory. So, is there a juggle between an idea and an ideal location? Let’s find out.
    Start-ups have changed the story of conventional businesses that used to majorly rely on a hereditary set-up. After the year 2015, new things came up every now and then. The need arose to identify the right strategy to succeed. Solve an unsolved problem and you are a star.
    As per NASSCOM’s report on start-ups, India ranked third worldwide with over 4200 start-ups in the year 2015. India has about 43% of tech start-ups in the year 2016. As per another report, there were eight Indian start-ups that bragged the title ‘Unicorn club’ (ventures valuing $1 billion and above). Bengaluru, NCR and Mumbai are the major hubs where these start-ups find themselves conveniently located.
    Now, the question boils down to, how important is location to your business?
    Can the tier-2 cities compete?
    Metropolitan cities are the most convenient locations to choose your business set-up. But, talking about start-ups, it is altogether a situation that pulls for a ‘low budget and high returns’ dictum. If you have the capability to think of an unsolved problem, then you definitely need a suitable podium to showcase your services.
    Good idea + bad location = very slow recognition and null trust
    Good idea + an ideal location = quick progress and pre-determined trust
    The only thing that bars the start-ups from choosing the second equation is budget. Here is how, business centres have solved their problem. The first characteristic that is of paramount importance for a business centre to be useful for businesses is location. A landmark location needs no introduction for any business to be located.
    How to gain access to a landmark location without hurting the budget?
    Hire an office space in Nehru Place (Delhi), Saket (Delhi), CP (Delhi), Aerocity (Delhi), Park Centra (Gurgaon), Silverton Towers (Gurgaon) while being associated with us for a serviced office requirement. You save almost 40 per cent of your expenditure while you hire an office space with us at these landmark locations in Delhi and Gurgaon. And, we have calculations to prove that!
    What apart from location?
    Apart from a high end location, serviced offices Nehru Place or at any of the specified locations of Avanta allows you to be as flexible as you want it to be.
    We provide you all the furniture, which is of a premium quality with ergonomic chairs, carpeted floor, spick and span corridors and surroundings, concierge service, full admin support such that there is no need to hire your own. A well manned reception is ever ready to welcome your clients in your company name. leased line internet connections with UPS back-ups, professional atmosphere, null noise, pantry on every floor, keeps you amidst an environment that spells convenience and luxury while focusing on your business.
    Choosing a business centre for a start-up means a cushioned launch for that idea that had your conviction behind it. Just a unique idea never does well for a start-up, it needs an ideal location that acts as a renowned sign board amidst your target audience to direct it right.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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