What’s Your Kind Of Office Space? Open Or Closed?
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    What’s Your Kind Of Office Space? Open Or Closed?

    Posted on August 5, 2016

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    A lot of employers prefer to choose an open kind of set-up which means, squeezing more employees per sq ft rather than building cabins or closed set-ups. Every kind of office space has its own floor plan for its day-today functioning. While for some, this means adding distraction to work while for others it is a gig to save money.
    People hate to work in open offices which, according to them are stressful, disruptive and distracting. Open spaces do hurt the capability of employees who need a calm and composed place to be productive and creative. But, one cannot afford a cabin for each employee. The solution to this problem is following the right set of permutation and combination for the tasks and efforts of employees with varied set of capabilities.
    There are slow performers who are slow but sure, then, there are faster ones who hop onto their next job quickly, focusing less on quality. The right mix and balance between both sets of people gets the job done to meet the organizational goals. Making a team sit together gets the job done in a more responsible manner. But, is the focus ‘to get the job done’ rightly set? Or, do we also need to look beyond?
    The ball goes rolling only when it is pushed with enough momentum on the right surface. The obstacles in the path or a rough surface lead to a halt in the path of the ball to reach its goal. This hiatus can be avoided if one makes the right choice with right set of combination. A serviced office in Gurgaon and Delhi with us is just the right solution that can overcome this pause.
    Choosing a serviced office for your business can be a landmark decision that can surpass the hiccups as well as the cliffs. The best option that we provide you as a business centre is of upsizing and downsizing your office space as per your convenience. You have to pay only for the area occupied with us while the common areas like the corridors, pantry area, reception, washrooms, lifts, gets accommodated into a consolidated monthly fee.

    Get your kind of office space:

    The fact is that you save almost 40 percent of your expenses while you choose a serviced office over a conventional one. Which means, to get your kind of office space, you don’t have to think twice about building cabins, meeting area or even your office’s personal pantry in our serviced office. We have gypsum walls to bring partitions or even remove it as per your need. In due course of time, if the need arises that your team is expanding then, we can bring in that extra space to accommodate. Whether the need is to harness creativity or do a routine job, customize your office space as per your choice that too, at prime locations in Delhi NCR!
    When most of the business centres (India) are capitalizing upon the availability of a prime location to prosper, the need to access the pros and cons of being located at such a place gets automatically resolved. We are present at six thoughtful landmarks in Delhi and Gurgaon that leaves our clients with choices they can’t resist:

    1. Statesman House, CP, Delhi
    2. Worldmark-2, Aerocity, Delhi
    3. Southern Park, Saket, Delhi
    4. International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi
    5. Park Centra, Gurgaon
    6. Silverton Tower, Gurgaon

    Whether you believe in choosing an open kind of office space or closed cabins, we specialise in meeting your expectations at landmark locations.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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