Where To Find An Office Space With India Open For FDI?
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    Where To Find An Office Space With India Open For FDI?

    Posted on September 16, 2016

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    The ‘Make in India’ campaign is the most endearing opportunity for an economic spur in India which is expected to create jobs, transfer of technologies and the know-how of new things. It will be like re-skilling the already bright minds and discovering new heights while accepting the challenges and learning to overcome them. Finding an office space in the most prime location of the country then becomes imperative.
    The 100 percent scope of FDI in defense sector has opened up avenues that were tightly locked. In order to expand the country’s manufacturing sector, the ‘self reliance’ has created a huge buzz in the market. Creating new avenues makes business opportunities lucrative and glossy on both the ends.  Collaboration with the international organizations proves to be fundamental to India’s growth, especially in the defense sector.
    There have been a lot of collaborations since the news popped up about 100% FDI in the defense sector. A lot of factories/ outlets have also been proposed to set their shops open. A back-office support or a ready-to-use office that requires null efforts from the end of the occupier is going to be the most driving trend in the office space industry, which is how, a business centre solves their purpose to the core.
    To deepen the defense manufacturing ties between two countries requires an office space to build the trust and goodwill with the new location. A location which is thoughtfully chosen in the premier area of a chosen state requires a lot of efforts from the occupier’s end to do it from a scratch. Being a foreigner to the land means meeting a lot of challenges and requiring overcoming them, which is pampered by business centres like us.
    Let’s say, if you require being located in the capital region for better coordination with the government offices, then a central location like the Statesman House in Connaught Place suits you the best. Our business centre here is just four kilometres away from the defense ministry. Apart from the location, which is best in class, you get access to the most sophisticated business environment on the international standards with us.

    Why do you need a business centre?

    1. Ready to shift lavish office space that is also popularly referred as business lounges.
    2. We are located at six premier locations in Delhi and Gurgaon which you can bang on. Let’s say, if you choose an office space in Nehru Place in Delhi with us then, you can access our meeting rooms pan Avanta.
    3. Sophisticated business environment with fully manned reception services, concierge services to understand your requirements well.
    4. Videoconferencing services along with other technologically advanced features to make you feel connected to your team abroad.
    5. Unbranded nature of our office space makes you feel like checking into your own office every day.
    6. Flexible contract terms with assured transparency in our deals.
    7. High speed leased line internet services to never allow any hindrance in your business.

    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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