Why Freelancers are Opting for Flexible Office Space?
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    Why Freelancers are Opting for Flexible Office Space?

    Posted on May 10, 2021

    Any startup or freelancer should have a flexible shared office rather than conventional, private office space, for cost-effectiveness. Most freelancers have space in coworking space for their flexible office work without facing the hassle of a long term agreement and other charges. Flexible office space in a coworking space provides a collaborative environment with individual entrepreneurs.

    Freelancers get all the best possible benefits of having coworking space flexible office space according to their needs. The concept is to accommodate the diverse individuals in a single area in an office space or group workplace.

    In current scenarios, many startups and freelancers come up to find a space in key areas of metro cities, there has been a drastic increase in the number of coworking spaces in Delhi and Gurgaon. It has a massive demand for the last few years. Unlike a traditional office where tenants have to agree for 5-9 years of agreements; however, flexible space gives space for rent in a shorter period in any coworking space.
    The increased number of coworking spaces in Delhi and shows the demands of flexible spaces.

    How is it beneficial for freelancers?

    Temporary Workspace

    Traditional space cannot always accommodate the needs of businesses through every stage of their development. Whereas flexible office offered by working space starts with shorter terms like 3,6- and 12-months period. Startups or solopreneurs may require short term office space until finalizing the specific location to begin their office.

    The customer wants to have an office with a low budget since freelancers want to spend less on renting an office before deciding on the office space for the long term in a specific location. A flexible office gives additional facilities to the freelancer to utilize the space as a common area. Fixed monthly costs make financial planning more manageable and allow companies to manage their budget

    Networking Building

    There is nothing more important for a freelancer business than networking. Having its own space in coworking space is a new way of networking. Coworking spaces give an individual an environment for connecting with fresh minds; the chance of getting a collaboration with a similar industry is also an easy task through coworking.

    Improve productivity

    If opting for coworking space helps the entrepreneur to increase productivity and effectiveness of work, working from home can sometimes demotivate the individual. Working from home should not be an important reason to stop your business’ growth. Coworking spaces also have a vibrant and professional environment, which will increase efficiency and productivity.

    The coworking space in Delhi is designed to provide an affordable workstation to all size of business, including entrepreneurs and freelancers in top metro cities including Gurgaon. Many coworking spaces in Gurgaon show a huge demand nowadays. It is because Gurgaon is a hub of many entrepreneurs, and many freelancers are trying to establish their venture.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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