Why Lighting is Important in Office Spaces
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    Why Lighting is Important in Office Spaces

    Posted on August 27, 2020

    When we talk about lighting- fluorescent lighting or any other artificial lighting— they are equally important. But natural lighting is an essential part of designing or updating any smart office space in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc.

    We spend most of the time indoors—consider our physical and mental health—it’s more important to include natural light at the office spaces. Well, this is not just an opinion, natural lighting has scientifically proven benefits.

    Studies say that it is the number one attribute workers want in their workspace environments.

    Here we mention some of the major benefits of including natural lighting in an office space in Delhi.

    1. Good Sleep equals better productivity.

    Studies say that those who aren’t exposed to natural light have difficulties sleeping at night. It impacts our minds and make it calm.

    2. Workers are healthier.

    The better sleep would make an employee more productive. According to a 2011 study at the University of Oregon, the quality of the view from a person’s desk and their exposure to natural light are interconnected with the amount of sick time they take.

    3. Workers feel more engaged.

    The World Green Building Council says workers feel more engaged when they work in natural light. If they are engaged more in their work, they will complete the deadlines and stay focused. And most likely they will contribute better as a team.

    4. Natural light increases the value of the space.

    Having natural light at any space increases its value and is more appealing to potential customers. Studies indicate that natural lighting seems more inviting and pleasant. We can make our customers pay more if we have this perk in our office space.

    How can we add more natural light?

    Pay attention to the positioning of desks. Position in such a way that everyone has access to natural light.

    Move shelves and other large objects which are block external light sources.
    Consider the areas where people spend most of their day—have prime access to outdoor light.

    Re-evaluate how space can be arranged to take advantage of most hours of natural light.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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