Why Overdone Ambiance Hampers Productivity?
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    Why Overdone Ambiance Hampers Productivity?

    Posted on September 7, 2017

    A massive fridge is stocked with free classy snacks, a cabin is allocated to fitness division, a company-wide kickball game rages every Monday. There is a selected nap room when your brain needs to calm. You feel as if you are working in your college sports room or amidst the replica of a jazzy and electrifying café.  Certainly, working in an ultra-modernistic, massively transformed business centre is akin to a dream for many. Especially for startups, who have just initiated their career journey in a glitzy office sphere. However,  research shows that there should be an obligatory line between professional and breakout realms.  As per The Oxford Economics study states, ‘There are threats to the productivity, if the office ambiance is overdone or exaggerated.’ Though it is beneficial to have a quirky office but the business centers should be vigilant while designing their work sphere and play areas.

    There is an adage, ‘Too much of anything is good for nothing.’ Keeping this in standpoint some business centres are going the logical way. Let’s see how Avanta Business Centre has been resolute in offering world class services but in a rational way.

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    Contemporary yet Sophisticated Setting: As you are ushered in Avanta Business Centre by a prim and properly decked up professional, you will sense a respite that will rekindle weary neurons. There are connotations of quirkiness but in a mindful way. The team understands the lure of state of art technology, but the innovations are fixed in a lucrative manner.  The charm of embellished walls is temporary as glitzy walls can be a source of distraction in long run. Likewise, fancy fixed desks can allure you but there is no use of it, if doesn’t serve your business purpose. Thus, all the centers have flexible layout system, with no trace of exaggeration in the setting. The entire vicinity exude only professionalism in a futuristic way.

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    No Blurred Lines: Avanta Business Centre, has professional meeting rooms but quirky pantries. The passage is spacious, well-structured but the there are ample external work spaces. The meeting rooms are classy, hi-tech but are set up in an urbane way. The blend of sophistication and modernism is to make sure that there is no source of deviation for the clients. The environment of every centre resonate mindfulness that boosts productivity.   The team don’t blend the structure of meeting rooms with pantry aesthetics, as noise and overplay can hamper productivity. The walls of meeting rooms have soundproof glasses and the staff ensures that there is no glitch in privacy during significant meetings and sessions.
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    Professional Ethics – Urbane Ethos: The staff is professionally trained, the hospitality is astounding.  The luxury that the centres echo is of a five-star hotel which is entirely different from campus ethos. The major clients are niche brands, corp orates as Avanta Business Centre  strive for world class services. The startups are rushing towards their co-working spaces as they seek to establish and expand in iconic location. Team knows that it is important to work in  environs where they can stay focused and concentrate. The staff is highly proactive in arranging events for clients but the celebration is properly charted so that it should not disturb anyone. There offer myriad of  bespoke and unparalleled services for every kind of business.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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