Why quiet rooms are required in Coworking Spaces?

Why quiet rooms are required in Coworking Spaces
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Why quiet rooms are required in Coworking Spaces?

Posted on December 2, 2019

Is your office environment quiet? Take a quick and easy test! Close your eyes for a minute and listen carefully. Is it noisy? It becomes shocking to find how the noise level at the workplace affects your overall productivity. The continuous ringing telephones, the chats between the colleagues and the blissful sound of the keyboards can mess with your head. A quiet room in coworking space in Delhi is at times needed for an audio/video call over skype or to have some confidential telephone call.
There’s silence, and then there’s too silence
Some zones at coworking spaces are too quiet that you can even detect the sound of your heartbeat. Working in complete silence: it can be excruciating too. A limited amount of background noise is required so that the working professionals won’t lose their minds!
Here are some tips that make a perfectly quiet place.


Of Course. But besides the four-walled zone, don’t forget to segregate windows and doors.


A couple of wall stickers can add to the acoustics. It can also have a positive and pleasant effect.

Ergonomic furnishings

Many of the professionals in our coworking spaces in Delhi like to spend a couple of hours in the quiet room. With the convenience and the right amount of focus, they can work more effectively. So yes, ergonomic furniture is the key.

Calming colours

In addition to silence, some colour effects can also bring peace to our brains. Think of cool colour like light blue mixed with some low contrast colours to provide a soothing effect.

The recent flexible coworking spaces

So, by what means your flexible office spaces be class apart? That’s up to you. In any case, we believe the following elements could be helpful.
1. A separate space for informal discussions
2. Gaming zones
3. Well-equipped meeting rooms
4. A spacious breakout area where your employees can meet each other in an informal way
Important: At quiet rooms in private spaces, people tend to over-use since its provided for free. The organization should have certain approaches to avoid these circumstances.


Author: Anvesha Sharma


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