Why standing desks are best for remote working?
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    Why standing desks are best for remote working?

    Posted on May 26, 2021

    What fate holds for office space trends, whether it’s a home set-up or corporate set-up, has become a hot topic as several companies and providers of office space in Delhi and Gurgaon prepare for a post-pandemic future. The remote working trend suggests that the focus is no longer on fixed desks in traditional offices, but rather on establishing flexible work environments anywhere required.

    Still, one thing the pandemic has moulded us is that to be more productive in flexible hours, we require some major improvements to our work from home setup. Also, the changing work agendas and needs of our coworking space members have made us reevaluate how our office space has helped us be more productive.

    If you are looking at setting up your home office using a standing desk, there are a few key things to take into attention:

    Expense— If you are looking for an effective WFH setup, the cost may be a driving element depending on who is financing for it – you or your employer. Standing desks are an investment that typically cost a few thousand Indian rupees or more per workstation.

    Functionality— For the purchase of a standing desk to be useful, the desk has to have the right features. For the home office, this can add a range of heights that accommodate your sit and stand choices, a large enough working surface that still fits in the area you have available, and a smooth enough to not be distracting. For the office, feature elements also add the ability to have various users able to efficiently use the desks and set them as required.

    Durability and Safety- The security and durability of any material used for work should always be a key factor. For standing desks, all of your equipment must remain in place and reliable while moving positions. Products that will serve for years of use are worth the purchase as well. For office space use, look for desks that are business-grade and have proper safety certifications.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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