Why Use A Business Centre at a Time of Recession?
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    Why Use A Business Centre at a Time of Recession?

    Posted on July 20, 2022

    An economic slowdown is often marked by a pessimistic business outlook. Organisations become cautious about all kinds of spending, such as human resources, machinery, employee perks, business travel and infrastructure. In such a scenario, a business centre can help businesses significantly by reducing their spending towards real-estate, facility management, overheads, IT infrastructure, and audio and video conferencing, just to name a few.

    Whether you are a small enterprise or an multinational company (MNC), a fully-furnished Business Centre is an ideal and cost-effective option. It not only reduces your expenses towards real-estate, but also setup and maintenance costs incurred towards furniture, fixtures and other infrastructural requirements. Moreover, a business centre gives you customizable options and affordable service packages that work well for your changing business requirements. For example, business centres allow you sign short-term agreements, rather than long-terms leases that are required with traditional offices.

    Here is how a business centre can help:

    Pay As You Use

    When you operate from a business centre, you can do away with fixed overhead expenses. With limited recurring expenses and no obligations, companies that use business centres can experience peace of mind (since they aren’t committed to long leases), without compromising on the infrastructure that their business requires. Complete flexibility in terms of size and layouts of meeting rooms, training rooms and shared offices add to the convenience.

    Ideally Suited For A Varying Team Size

    You can quickly scale up or reduce your team sizes without worrying about the corresponding infrastructure overheads. Flexible options at business centres allow you to add temporary extra space in line with your business demands, and for events like conferences and training sessions. You can even downsize your business if necessary.

    Maintain The Professionalism Minus The Fixed Costs

    Business centres are an ideal option to reduce undesired expenses but not at the cost of your business image. Your clients are received at an excellent reception area, greeted by professionals exuding confidence and treated most cordially. Further, the fully-furnished serviced offices, meeting rooms and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure help you create and maintain a professional image.

    Complete Business Support Services

    A business centre is a complete office. You can use business support services like printing, photocopying, housekeeping, IT support, air conditioning, hospitality and refreshments, etc. The biggest advantage is that you do not need to spend and manage these overhead services – your business centre package includes all this and more!

    Set-Up Office and Start Operations from Day One!

    When you decide to work from a business centre, there is absolutely no lead time. Most business centres allow you to move in on day one and commence operations straight away. State-of-the-art workstations, ready-to-use infrastructure, spacious cabins and robust IT facilities ensure that you are up and running in no time!  Moreover, if you are starting a new office or moving to a new location, a business centre is the ideal place to start.

    Shared Office Spaces

    Shared offices are facilities that share infrastructure and reduce costs. Based on your requirements, you receive a dedicated desk with a workstation and an IP phone, while other services like photocopying, printing, air conditioning are common.

    This arrangement is ideal for smaller teams. You get all the benefits of a fully serviced office, without the cost!

    Using Virtual Offices

    Virtual office services are designed to let you continue operations from an external location, while your clients and prospects correspond at a separate virtual address. This allows you to have a prestigious mailing address without actually investing in a dedicated physical space. Moreover, business centres can offer professional call handing and call forwarding services so that your client calls are answered by your company name and forwarded to a designated phone. Virtual office solutions are designed to save costs and curtail expenses without losing on the professionalism – which can be the differentiating factor between you and your competitor during an economic slowdown.

    Save On Travel Costs – Use Audio & Video Conferencing

    Did you know – in the last year, most international airlines faced their greatest competition from IT/ Telecom companies, and their fellow airlines! This was because businesses have started curtailing travel budgets and are opting for virtual meetings through audio and video conferencing facilities. A business centre offers you state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and flexible meeting room sizes and layouts so that you can conduct training sessions, business conferences and LIVE streaming sessions without spending on travel, stay and other overhead expenses.

    Avanta’s Business Centre – New Delhi

    Avanta is a leading operator of business centres in New Delhi. Located at Statesman House and Ambadeep in Connaught Place, Nehru Place, Southern Park, Saket, and Gurgaon, Avanta is an ideal option for MNCs as well as small and mid-sized businesses. Their central locations and the proximity to other prominent businesses make them easy to reach as well as enhancing your business image.

    Along with flexible Serviced Offices, Shared Offices, Meeting Rooms, Audio/Video facilities and Virtual Office services, Avanta offers excellent support services like printing and photocopying, hospitality and refreshments, professional call handling and more… at extremely affordable and flexible rates. Please see our product videos to know more about Avanta Business centre, Serviced Offices, Shared offices, Virtual offices, Meeting rooms and Video conferencing. Please Click here to get in touch with us.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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