Workspace Challenges and Innovative Solutions offered by Managed Office Spaces in Delhi
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    Workspace Challenges and Innovative Solutions offered by Managed Office Spaces in Delhi

    Posted on May 26, 2022

    How well will we do in the next 5 years? By how much percentage will our business grow? This is a question that no company can answer with assurance. Bearing a just-in-case attitude, companies land up renting or buying large office spaces.

    What happens when a small business of 5 runs from a place that can accommodate up to twenty employees? Waste of resources. Companies are left paying for unused technology and infrastructure maintenance.

    Let’s take a glance at the deeper issues plaguing a small work place.

    Internet Bandwidth

    Topping the list is the issue of high speed internet connectivity. It’s a necessity for every company but a luxury only for some. High speed internet connection increases a company’s fixed costs substantially which is unnecessary for a small enterprise of say only 4-5 employees.

    IT Infrastructure

    This category mainly includes computers, printers, servers, and photocopiers. The cost of maintaining a state of the art IT infrastructure is yet another fixed cost added to a company’s balance sheet.

    Support Staff

    While it is okay not to have a reception area and staff to serve you refreshments, it does not project a good image for the company when your clients have to find their own way to the meeting room or have no one to welcome them at the door.


    A strategic location in a posh area will provide your company with an image of a growing enterprise. The glitch in the scenario being; small companies find it next to impossible to fund for such places.

    Lease or Rent an Office Space

    For a small business that is fully capable of functioning from home, leasing an office space for long term does not seems to be a suitable option. Typically, a lease lasts for ten to fifteen years, instantly ruling it out. For a small enterprise to rent an office would just mean an increase in fixed costs such as maintenance.

    So what really is the solution?

    Managed Office Spaces in Delhi. They provide a office space customized as per the needs and without you going through the trouble of renting/purchasing an office. Detailed below are a few more advantages of a serviced office in a Managed Office Spaces in Delhi.

    • Managed offices provide you with fully furnished well equipped workspaces. You can book meeting rooms, training rooms and have them customized as per your needs and wants; this way you end up paying only for what you use.
    • State of the art IT infrastructure, high-speed internet, video conferencing equipment and coffee makers are some of the facilities offered by a Managed Offices in Delhi.
    • Managed Offices provide you with an address at a prestigious location that adds to the image of your business. They are strategically located, accessible by all major modes of transportation, which makes the commute hassle free.
    • Managed Office Spaces in Delhi provide you with numerous networking opportunities. Your office being in close quarters with other offices, you get a chance to mingle with professionals from varied sectors.
    • A body of support staff such as a reception team, a cleaning and maintenance team, and secretarial staff are provided by Managed Office Spaces. It saves you massive amounts of fixed costs.
    • A small company may find it difficult to fund for a lease or pay regular rent. Managed offices grant such companies the opportunity to lease or rent an office space specifically for the duration required.

    Avanta Business Centre provide you with fully furnished Managed Office Spaces equipped with state of the art technology, located in the prime areas of Connaught Place, Nehru Place and Saket in Delhi, and in Gurgaon. Along with services such as support staff, Wi-Fi enabled areas, we also provide a complete set up of training rooms, virtual offices and conference rooms.

    For more information at the Managed Office Spaces in Delhi, call us on +91 11 30446402 or email at


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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