Nakul Mathur

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Nakul Mathur


Managing Director India

How do you see the industry recovering from recession?

The world economy is going through a rough phase right now and so is India feeling jitters of it. But I think our economy is still faring far better than our friends in Europe and America. The Planning Commission hopes that we’ll achieve a 9% growth for this 12th 5 year plan and I’m quite sure that we should be able to achieve that. The core area that we need to focus on is infrastructure and energy. I think we need a lot of investment coming into infrastructure and energy which will really push our growth to reach that level of 12% GDP growth. Looking at real estate in particular, we have achieved 10.6 % growth in 2006-07 and I’m sure this growth is going to continue once we get through this jittery phase. The economy is just recovering and getting back into track.

How do you see the future of this business in India?

Serviced offices are always required, be it boom or recession. Companies always need flexible solutions to work from, where they don’t have to bother about their daily hassles of fixing a light bulb or repairing the washrooms. They want a flexible solution where they can expand their offices when they want, they can contract as their business operations change and as their business needs change. A Company could need a hundred workstations office on one day and at six months down the lane they might need two hundred. Or a company might need a six work station office today and two months down the lane they might realize that they just need another three seats to work from. Thanks to the good response we’ve got from our clients, we have plans ahead to expand our presence in India, move in to other areas, open new business centres where we can service our clients as well as being serviced in here.

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