Pankaj Changra

Pankaj Chagra

Pankaj Changra


Director Operations

Fit-outs are very flexible so that we can quickly change our offices to suit our client need. All furniture in the office can be moved around which make it easy for us to change set up in any office as the clients need. It gets flexible to the extent that we can create cabin within offices over the weekend. You know that means a client could sign up an agreement with us on Friday and on Monday he moves in. The office will have cabins created as per their need. Small things make big difference like individual A.C. control in each room, so that clients can control temperature within their office. Strong UPS back up, extension board on each desk so that people don’t have to bend down everytime they plug in. Multiple data ports on each desk so that the client can hook up equipment to the Internet seamlessly. Steelcase furniture, which is very well designed to give the best working posture.

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