Mr. Maurya Gautam

Maurya Gautam

Maurya Gautam, Cameraman, Editor, AJI, English     2


My name is Maurya Gautam. I’m a Cameraman, Editor with Al Jazeera English news Channel. We’ve been with Avanta since July 2010.
Why did you choose Avanta?
The main criteria for Al Jazeera English when we were looking for an office base was the location, which is the key for any news channel and Avanta has its business set up in the heart of the city and I think it was a winner for us all the way. I think the main advantage of being with Avanta is that you know we don’t have to worry about small things, we can just get on with our business and it’s a very dynamic atmosphere and the employees are really helpful to us. And we have guests coming in for live shows, so we do not have to bother about giving them a cup of tea or water, so it’s very easy for us. The best thing I like about Avanta is the professional staff and the help we get from the staff and obviously the location which is the key for us.
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