Nauman Hannani

Avanta Business Centre Review by Rolls Royce Energy

Nauman Hannani, Head of Customer Business, Rolls Royce Energy

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My name is Nauman Hannani. I am the Head of Customer Business in Rolls Royce. I moved to Delhi from Singapore in August to boost energy business for Rolls Royce.
How did you hear about Avanta?
When my senior management asked me to move to Delhi the first thing I did is to Google offices places available in Delhi and the first name that came to me was Avanta. Therefore when I moved to Delhi for this purpose to sort out the office, the first thing I did was to contact Avanta and from there my relation started with Avanta and that’s why we ended up here to having an office in Avanta.
Why did you choose Avanta?
Indeed I looked around for other places also but Avanta’s location was ideal for our business, particularly most of our customers are close by and it made sense to select Avanta. That’s why we ended up here. When we were finalizing the deal with Avanta, we concluded it quite quickly, and we moved here few months back. So far the journey has been excellent. Whenever you need an office in India this one thing that’s very important is the infrastructure. And I think the best part in Avanta is that we have more or less all facilities available which we need to run an office.
How flexible has Avanta been to accommodate your needs?
Indeed I found Avanta quite flexible. When we moved here we were only two people. As a part of the business, we are growing up and we need a bigger space and I had requested Avanta to move me to bigger office and I really appreciate the support that they have found a bigger office for me which I will move to in next few months. So I found them quite flexible to address my needs and it’s only few months so I cannot give the details here. But so far the journey has been very good.
Are you happy with the services provided by the Avanta?
Indeed I am happy with the Avanta. If I was not happy I would not be here giving this interview. The best thing with Avanta is the friendliness. In my opinion, friendliness and the dialogue are the most essential things to resolve the issues.
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