Neerja Anand

Neerja Anand, Representative in India, GCE Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. GCE Consultants Logo

Can you please introduce yourself?
I am Neerja Anand. I am representing GCE Group in India. It is based at St. Petersburg with headquarters in St. Petersburg and has offices across 16 different countries, including Europe, India and Kazakhstan.
What is your company’s core business area?
Our company GCE group is into various activities, but in India, we are into energy auditing. We are leading energy auditing consultants for oil refineries and major industrial plants, wherever there is a lot of energy consumption.
Where did you hear about the business concept and how did you narrow down to Avanta?
For us, business centre concept is not a new one. We have heard about this concept quite often, earlier also. It is definitely hassle free to be located in a business centre.  We zero down on Avanta through internet.
How has been your experience with Avanta?
So far, so good. We do not have any major complaints. No major issues. At times of course minor issues can be there but they are usually resolved.
Do you have any comments on Avanta Business Centre team?
Well, they are quite helpful, all of them are very pleasing personalities. They all are quite helpful. Sometimes even going out of the way to help.
Will you recommend Avanta to someone and why?
Yes, sure, I can recommend it to my colleagues from different industries. The reason could be simple, it is centrally located and in case they want to concentrate more on their business and not on the other operations, so it is better to shift to business centre. Avanta is a good name.

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