Seema Vishal

Seema Vishal

Ms. Seema Vishal, PM International Pvt. Ltd.

Designation: Office Director


Tell us about yourself and your business in brief?

I am Seema, I work for a company called PM International. It is a subsidiary of a German International which are into health supplements, cosmetics and premium skin care. We are in 35 countries and the growth rate of the company is 40% year on year. We have just started our operations in India.


Why did you require an office space in Connaught Place?

Connaught Place is a location which is central to Delhi. Our business model is such that we have independent distributors who sell our products. The model is MLM which is multilevel marketing. If you have heard of Amway, Oriflame, Avon, we work on the similar business model. So, CP is a convenient place for all the distributors who are in Delhi and NCR to visit our office, place their orders, pick up their products. So, that is why we were looking for an office in CP area. We have taken up our own office in CP and till the time it is functional (because we needed some interiors and furnishings to be done) we decided to be at Avanta Business Centre.


What problems, if any, were you facing while you were on a look out?

No problems as such because we knew Avanta way before. In my last organization, in which I worked for five years, they also started from Avanta Business Centre. They were here for around more than a year.


Why did you choose Avanta Business Centre and not a conventional set-up?

Because, it’s like ready to use office. Everything is available. You don’t have to set-up anything. It’s with ease. We are very small start-up team and we could not have thought of anything better than a business centre to start our operations.


What are the number of workstations with us?

We have seven to eight workstations.


How do you find Avanta Business Centre’s services?

Services are excellent. Team is excellent. I think the best part of Avanta is the team they have.


How has our association impacted your business?

In a positive way, because, our distributors were aware of this place and they have an easy access to the office. They like coming to the office and the services provided are excellent. Whether we need a meeting room or the pantry, its available all the time. So, it’s very easy for the staff as well as for the distributors who come over to our office here to feel at home.


So, you have used our meeting rooms?

Yes, we have used them quite often.


Any special mention about our meeting rooms?

Meeting rooms are well equipped to handle the conferences. The supplies, the services, the staff is always helpful. We have always had very good experiences while conducting meetings here.


What is the one best thing you like about Avanta Business Centre?



Will you recommend our services to others?

Yes, definitely. We are here because of a past experience. We will recommend its services because of its location, team and services provided.


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