Taranjot Gulati

Avanta Business Centre Review by Premier Inn India Pvt. Ltd.

Taranjot Gulati, Assistant Vice President Development, Premier Inn India Pvt. Ltd.     PremierInnLogo


Hi my name is Taranjot Gulati. I am the AVP Development for Premier Inn India. It’s a hotel chain part of the company called WhitBread from the U.K. It’s a public listed company in the U.K. A three hundred year old company which has a hotel brand, which is Premier Inn and other F&B brands, which are about five more. One of the very well known F&B brands which we own is Costa Coffee.
Recently I have been very lucky enough to use the Avanta services at Connaught Place, New Delhi, which was a very crucial Board meeting. But this we thought we should actually do the Board meeting from India and best part was we thought we try another service which is conferencing and it turned out to be Avanta which was right in the centre and heart of the city, which is Connaught Place. It happened that I spoke to Nakul who is the Operations Head for India and also taking care of Avanta for India, and he advised that we could do the service from India to U.K. which would suffice us time, because time is money for us, and which would also make Board meetings easier for the future, because this has now set a new standard for us to easily do and fix Board meetings from India to U.K. whenever possible. The services we used this time with the ISTN services and also helping out, I think Nakul was really helpful to advise us what best we should do. We advised our people to move on to a business centre in U.K. and had the conference call from here. It looked absolutely crystal clear as if we are sitting in U.K. That was the, you know, feedback given by our senior Board members in U.K. which was incredible.
About Avanta I would definitely say incredible service. I am so very happy with the service. But you know, I would say that something which is impeccable is the service and the people because the people are absolutely phenomenal. The way the people in Avanta take care of the clients. Even if I am not in-house client for Avanta they are equally giving the same importance to people who are not in-house too. If I am just hiring a meeting room doing my meetings, I think the importance is absolutely there, the service is impeccable and the importance is as equivalent to your Avanta’s in-house clients.
One more very important thing is that the way you have to give the feedback to a client, to their meetings or to their requirements is very important. You advise in the right way. That’s what I think has proved very crucial and I think we will keep on using Avanta for whatever meetings and obviously all our Board meetings will happen through Avanta which I think I’ve already committed to Nakul, that we will be doing all our Board meetings from India through Avanta and I don’t see any reason where Avanta would not keep growing ten-folds or twenty-folds or multi-folds. Excellent service and I wish all the best and keep doing the same work.
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