Vinay Singh

Avanta Business Centre Review by Thomson Reuters


Vinay Singh, Director India, Thomson Reuters     Vinay Singh from Thomson Reuters


I am Vinay Singh from Thomson Reuters. I manage the IP and Science business for India. We are in the business of providing information to corporations, businesses like academic institutions that use information to make decisions for their daily businesses. We form critical part of the businesses. We are a global organisation with offices in over 50 countries. We are around 58000 employees globally.

How did you hear about Avanta?

We have a global Manda Brede international property consulting firm. They brought us to show this location. That’s how we came to know about Avanta.

How long have you been with Avanta?

We are here for almost 3 years now. We moved in March of 2009 and we are almost about to complete 3 years. When we were looking for properties to move in, we evaluated different properties in and around CPT because we wanted to be centrally located and we found Avanta probably the best among all of these. Well furnished, courteous staff, well maintained, and variety infrastructure and the furniture was much better than what we saw elsewhere.

How do you rate Avanta as compared to other players?

Avanta has brought us terrific versatility and options. When we came in, we moved into one office when we started. Now we occupy 3 different offices here. We are almost 20 people being moved in when we were 2 and we have rammed up as a recruiter. So there are options and there will be very flexible and accommodative earnings. We are very pleased with the services that we get here, they have been very responsive to our needs and they provide whatever we want and I think the facilities are really good.

What is the best thing you like about Avanta?

The best thing about Avanta is the courteous staff that they have who are always helpful and willing to accommodate our needs and help us whenever we need any specific requirement and we love the social event that have been over the years and specially the cricket match that we played a couple of weeks ago. I did have a lot of problems the next two days but it was fun playing that cricket match.

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