1. For the period of this Agreement the Provider (Avanta) will provide the Client (your company) with the following services at the designated location.1.1 Receive mail addressed to the Client and forwarded on. In the event that the Provider receives more than 50 items of mail per day on behalf of the Client will incur a discretionary admin fee. The Client will provide the name of a nominated individual to sign for and collect mail from the designated centre if this option is preferred.1.2 The Provider where required shall forward calls to the Client. The Client or employee may alter the number each has nominated on not less than 4 working day’s notice to the Provider but for any number altered more than once in any period of 7 days the Provider will charge an administration fee of 1600INR for each additional number change. In the event that the Provider receives more than 500 calls per month on behalf of the client, additional call charges may apply.


  1. When the Client makes use of the Provider’s facilities and Meeting/Training rooms the Client agrees that:2.1 The Client shall maintain the facilities and Meeting/Training rooms in their existing condition and shall notify the Provider immediately of any damage caused by the Client and the Client’s employees and visitors.2.2 The Client shall be liable for all damage caused by the Client’s principal employees and visitors.
    2.4 The common areas of the Premises will only be used in such a way as to have regard to the rights and interests of other users.
    2.5 No animals or children shall be brought into the Provider’s buildings.
    2.6 The Meeting/Training rooms are hired on an exclusive basis and billed at the then prevailing Avanta Client rate as per the location’s Facilities & Services pricing.


  1. Payment will be made monthly in advance by a payment mode accepted by Avanta.3.1 Any Additional Services must be paid for in advance at the Avanta location where these services are used including Meeting and Training Rooms.3.2 If the cost of the additional services used by the Client exceeds half of the deposit from time to time then the deposit must be increased by 50% as requested by the Provider.
    3.3 If any payment is more than 7 days overdue then the Provider shall be entitled to suspend the provision of services to the Client until any overdue payments are settled.


  1. The Provider will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure accurate and expeditious handling of communications for the Client but no responsibility shall attach to the Provider or its staff or agents for any injuries, damage or loss howsoever arising or to whomsoever caused.4.1 The Provider shall have no liability to the Client in respect of any act of omission, neglect, delay or default by any of the Provider’s staff or agents and whether in contract or in tort.4.2. The Provider will use reasonable endeavours to provide the optional additional services a per the locations Facilities & Services Information subject to availability.



  1. The Client shall be entitled to receive the services subject to these Terms and Conditions.5.1 The Client shall be entitled to receive the services stipulated within this agreement but you must pay the stipulated fees and costs of other services accordingly.5.2 The Client cannot send from or have delivered to any Avanta location any noxious, harmful, dangerous, live, perishable, bulky objects or not permissible by law.
    5.3 The Client will fully indemnify the Provider against any expenses cost claims damages or penalties incurred by the Provider in connection with this Agreement howsoever occasioned.
    5.4 The Client will not carry on any business which could be construed by the Provider as illegal, defamatory, immoral or obscene and will not use the Location whether directly or indirectly for any such purpose.


  1. In the event of either party being in breach of any of the conditions of this Agreement the other Party shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement immediately by sending written notice to that effect.6.1 The Provider reserves the right to terminate this agreement with the Client, unreservedly, should the spirit of the agreement entered with the Client be breached in any way whatsoever at the Providers discretion.6.2 Two months notice is required by either party to terminate this agreement (not affecting clause 6.1)


7.1 Any notice given by either party must be in writing.
7.2 The agreement is personal to you the Client and is not capable of assignment.
7.3 Three months deposit is required and will be returned in 30 days after termination date of this agreement. In the absence of ECS bank transfer, four months deposit is required.
7.4 The Client shall provide the Provider evidence of identification by way of a valid passport or Indian driving Licence prior to the start of the Agreement.
7.5 This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. This agreement creates no rights in any third parties.
7.6 The Client undertakes full responsibility to produce valid proof of address & identification issued by government of India to Avanta. In case these documents are not submitted or not acceptable by Avanta, Avanta reserves the right to not accept the contract. Any payments would be refunded after deduction of any expenses incurred  by Avanta.
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