Productive Networking Solutions for Your Business

Productive Networking Solutions for Your Business

Posted on February 16, 2015

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Productive Networking Solutions for Your Business

In this age of globalisation, where staying
connected is the key to various nuances of running a business, networking
infrastructure like Information Technology and Telephony are indispensable. Right
from your meeting and training rooms, to the productive environment of your business office – be it large or small -, high-end IT infrastructure is what assures

In such a scenario, looking for an office space,
equipped with reliable infrastructure becomes the top priority. Here is a detailed list of technical facilities that
you should check for, before deciding on an office space.

IP Telephony Services

The combination of traditional means of
communication and the more evolved technology is what makes IP telephony
deliver excellent results. IP telephony solutions integrate data and voice communications, providing an innovative alternative to
traditional telephony. This difference provides significant benefits:

Cost Savings

IP telephony eliminates the cost of
installation, maintenance and operation. Since both calls and data can be sent
over the internet, there is no need to install separate infrastructures for
telephony, getting rid of the complex and costly wirings. Adding, moving, and
changing extensions can be achieved over a few clicks, thereby trimming down
the administrative costs. Since the voice calls are sent through as data
packets, the long distance toll charges are significantly reduced. With such a
welcome impact across the board, IP telephony can hugely change the way your business
, for the better.

Better Service

With IP telephony, you can deliver better
customer service and better productivity. The computer based system allows the
integration of phone functions with business
, thereby increasing employee effectiveness. For example, the
records of the customer can be simultaneously accessed while on the call,
greatly improving
customer service
and cutting costs on time spent on each call.


When you expand, you need not acquire
additional hardware for IP telephony systems, unlike in the case of traditional
phone systems, which often requires expensive hardware modules. A standard
computer can easily handle a large number of phone lines and extensions. All
you would need to do is add more phones to the existing network.

Fast & Reliable

A fast and reliable internet connection is the
core of every business operation. Running critical business applications that
deliver productivity can often be a tedious affair without good internet

Internet speed and bandwidth are the features
that you should take a good look at before deciding on the connection.

Internet Speed

A high-speed internet
is indispensable for any business, because it ensures higher
productivity and greater user satisfaction. Nobody likes to sit through long
minutes before the desired page loads. Moreover, a fast internet connection is
crucial for timely delivery of the required services to the clients/ customers.

Internet Bandwidth

Internet bandwidth is a critical determinant
of your organisation’s
, as bandwidth is what ascertains productivity and efficiency. The
emergence of VoIP and video-conferencing – that require plenty of bandwidth -,
and deliverance guarantees make it a precious resource for your business.

Avanta Serviced Offices

Located in Connaught Place and Saket in New
Delhi, Avanta India provides customised Serviced Offices, well-equipped
Meeting/ Training Rooms and flexible Virtual Offices. The offices and
conference rooms are equipped with high quality, state-of-the-art networking

Author: Anvesha Sharma

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