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Posted on February 14, 2015

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Neekan gets a new address with Avanta

Company Profile:

Neekan Agro Private Ltd is a large confectionery company belonging to Neekan group of companies established in 2001. The Neekan Group has a diversified range of business operations spreading across a number of industries including, manufacturing and trading of Agro products; herbal products; beauty care and cosmetics; management consulting; and corporate tourism.

Neekan Agro is the flagship company of the Neekan Group. As a company, Neekan Agro is involved in the manufacturing, trading and import/export of Agro and Agro allied products. Neekan Agro deals in confectionery products including hard boiled sugar candies, soft boiled toffees, lollipops, wafer biscuits, chocolates, chewing gum and biscuits.

The Business Imperative and current challenges:

Neekan Agro had set itself an ambitious growth target in the coming years. However, this was a huge challenge for Neekan Agro considering the scale in which it used to operate – the demands of business had grown and it had outlived its current infrastructure. The company used to conduct its business from a small warehouse, but this small scale operation was restricting their ability to expand and become more visible in the ever competitive market. They soon realized that in order to grow their business (like their competitors) they too would have to undertake expansion plans.

The first step was to establish an office that would provide the much needed visibility and help compete with the major brands in the market. This was a strategic move by the company and was an integral part in its overall expansion plans. They were keen to project a good image of their company that could catapult them into an unprecedented growth.

Neekan was looking up for the economic solution to establish a new office in their desired location. To buy or lease a space, set it up along with all its paraphernalia was not only proving to be expensive proposition but also time consuming. At this juncture, a trusted partner suggested Neekan look at the possibility of virtual offices rather than set up their own office using a conventional lease.

Virtual office emerges as the preferred choice:

Value for money, faster ramp-up of business and a close confidant`s strong recommendation compelled Neekan to boil down to seek for virtual office.

The beauty of the virtual office is that it includes everything ranging from office space to all the paraphernalia including fully staffed receptions, furniture and fully wired offices just to name a few. In short, you get everything that you need to start and run your business. This meant that Neekan could easily set up an office without incurring the overheads associated with a conventional lease. Virtual office space provides a business with everything it needs, whilst also being extremely flexible – you would never have to commit to a long term lease.

The Hunt begins:

Having decided on virtual office, Neekan began the search for a quality serviced office provider. They looked at all major players in the market such as Regus, DBS and other business centers. However, they discovered that most office provider`s space were heavily branded in the name of the office space provider. This was definitely not what Neekan had desired for. It did not want to operate under a shadow brand that could have project an unintended identity of Neekan. With these shadow brands they felt like a small shop within a building, which did not project the image the company wanted.

Why Avanta:

After an extensive search through multiple providers, Neekan came across Avanta Business centre in New Delhi. The location, amenities and the luxury surroundings that could be used to create their own brand was a clincher for Neekan. There were three main factors why the company chose Avanta over others providers:

  • Location of office: Neekan were impressed with the location of Avanta, located in Statesman House in the Connaught Place district of New Delhi. It placed them right in the heart of the city and gave them access to host of facilities (such as banks etc) which were integral to their business. Further, the location made it easier for their outstation clients to visit as close to transport links without major hassles. Needless to say the fact that Connaught place address added prestige to Neekan`s business.
  • No Avanta branding: What separated Avanta from their competition was Avanta never branded its own offices to ensure that its customers don`t operate under a different identity. This gave Neekan a chance to create its own image. It went a long way in establishing a sense of security in the minds of their stakeholders
  • Avanta`s courteous staff: Whether it`s B2B or B2C, it is the people who make the difference. This was best exemplified in the interactions that Neekan had with Avanta. They found Avanta`s staff more responsive and courteous than their competition; and in addition the staff were extremely warm and flexible – always happy to help. Avanta`s staff were also well trained which meant that Neekan could consider the Avanta team as an extension of its own.
  • Value added services: Avanta`s highly professional and acclaimed services such as call management services was another major reason why Neekan group chose Avanta. Avanta maintains a dedicated number which can divert incoming calls automatically to the voicemail or another number of customer`s choice. It`s perfect if you want to cultivate a presence in any of Avanta` location for a minimal outlay

Avanta`s offering for Neekan

Virtual PA (VPA) is Avanta`s Virtual Office service offering. Customers benefit of being based at premier business centers without any need of office space. Avanta provides businesses with a prestigious mailing address and some of the most professional (and flexible) call handling services in the office services industry.

Avanta`s entire VPA concept is based on the practical day to day needs of its customer base – which includes home workers, business startups, professionals on the move and also larger organizations seeking a market presence in some of the most impressive locations.

Getting along together

It was the overall value for money that led Neekan to choose Avanta. The decision proved to be right for Neekan as their business has flourished since they have relocated to Avanta`s office. Within 15 days of availing Avanta`s service they got their first deal which was due to the facility. Encouraged by their early success, Neekan plans to expand its operations and take up a permanent office soon.

Author: Anvesha Sharma

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