Articles-Premier Office Address for your business

Articles-Premier Office Address for your business

Posted on February 17, 2015

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One of the most widely accepted concepts in business are the 4Ps- Price, Product, Promotion and Place. “Place” refers generally to distribution, i.e. where customer evaluates and ultimately receives the offering. While “Place” is as important as any other factor it is often overlooked.

Place or location is more than just choosing any office space. Perhaps for you, opening your business in your own town, or even your part of town, is a given fact. However, should you need to look beyond, questions such as whether the current location projects the right image of your company or if the current remote location is proving to be  limiting factor for your business need to be asked.

Creating a prestigious image for your start-up business, with an often limited budget, can be a difficult proposition because you are unable to build an impressive office or lease a luxurious office space in a premier location. Unfortunately, your business image may be a key to success. There is no denying of the fact that the location of the office is a key factor in business decision making. This is especially true for start-ups that can ill afford to wait for recognition.

Business image is critical for business

The fact is that the biggest challenge for many businesses, and particularly the start-ups, is to build a perception – to look bigger, better established, and more polished and professional.
Customers do business with companies they trust. They favor those whom they think will be around to take care of their future needs. Be assured that first impressions matter a great deal, and that prospective customers are not only taking stock of your attire, demeanor, and presentation – they are also making judgments about your office!

A Virtual Office that bears the address of a premier location can help you achieve the objective of posing “big” and “permanence” at a very affordable price. Your business image tells your clients who you are and how you will treat them. An image portrays your level of professionalism, customer service, and product quality. Your business might not prevent you from giving good customer service or providing quality products, but it can limit you where location is concerned.

Choosing right location can boost the image of your business

You can establish a prestigious business location by renting a virtual office. A virtual office provides a physical mailing address, local phone number and other vital services while freeing your time for more important aspects of your business. With a virtual office, your business address can appear to be belonging in a well-known business area even though you actually operate from remote offices. Virtual offices can also offer conference room rentals so you can conduct meetings with clients or business partners at your business address.
A virtual office gives your business the appearance of a professional location at low cost. If you were to rent an office or building in a prestigious business park of a major city, it would not only be expensive but also the rent may or may not include other expenses such as utilities, water, phone, Internet etc.
Stamp a long-lasting business impression on your clients by leveraging a virtual office. Gain prestige for your business while still working remotely from other locations.

Avanta provides office spaces at premier locality

Virtual PA (VPA) is Avanta’s virtual office service that gives you the benefits of being based at your own business center while bearing the address of a premier location. Avanta provides your business with a prestigious mailing address and some of the most professional call handling services in the serviced office industry.

Avanta has based the entire VPA concept on the practical day to day needs of the client base, which includes home workers, business startups, professionals on the move, and also larger organizations seeking a market presence in some of the most impressive locations.

With Avanta, you can have a premier address in the heart of New Delhi’s premier commercial and financial district of Connaught Place.

Experienced people are employed to deal with your mail so you can be confident it’s in good hands.  These attendants can forward the mails to an address of your choice the very same day. Furthermore if you have colleagues working virtually, Avanta can forward mail to additional postal addresses as a part of the service, for a modest additional fee.

Call Management Services at Avanta

Avanta can maintain dedicated numbers for its customers that can divert incoming calls automatically to their voicemail or another number of choice. Based in a centralized location, Avanta’s trained PAs will answer phone calls on behalf of your company’s name and display high standards of professionalism using the latest computerized systems.

Customers can specify up to three virtual extensions for call forwarding. In case the call recipient is busy, PAs can transfer calls either to the digital mailbox or to your own voicemail system. Beyond the normal hours, calls are automatically routed to the customer’s destination of choice

With Avanta customers can be assured of premier locations accompanies by high class professional services.
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Author: Anvesha Sharma

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