Article-Protecting the data veins that run your business

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Article-Protecting the data veins that run your business

Posted on February 14, 2015

Avanta`s Information Resource

Protecting the data veins that run your business

The need for Information Technology & data security could not be greater than it is now. Consider the countless bogus banking transactions, email leakages and software piracies that riddle the Information Technology industry. Such white collar thefts not only result in revenue loss but long term loss of reputation for the business.

Organizations expanding across different geographical regions and looking for office spaces look upon information security as one of the top priorities. This becomes all the more important in the face of increasing threat of data hacking. Addressing such threat can help improve customer trust, and has the potential to leapfrog your business several notches higher.

Information Technology in Office Spaces

A sound IT infrastructure for your office is a must for your business. It should be seen as a critical business enabler. This is true for business of any size or any line of business. Be it a Small and Medium size business (SMB), or a government body or a large corporate house, the importance of sound and secure IT infrastructure cannot be undermined.

In case you are looking for office space and wondering what’s included in infrastructure, you should look at the following:

IP Telephony Services:

IP telephony is bridging technical barriers that have prevented customers from accessing business services easily by phone and prevented businesses from maximizing the revenue potential of each customer call. IP telephony solutions send voice communication over

a data network, in contrast to traditional phone systems that separate voice communications from data networks. This difference provides significant business benefits:

Cost savings: By integrating data and voice communications on one network, IP telephony solutions can eliminate the cost of installing, maintaining and operating two separate infrastructures for multiple sites. IP solutions can also trim ongoing administrative costs because you can add, move and change extensions simply by updating software and you can integrate administration of voice and data in a single interface. And IP solutions can reduce long distance toll charges, the expense of conference calls, and charges for cell phones. The impact of IP telephony on cost can reverberate quickly throughout an enterprise.

Business advantage: By integrating voice applications with core business processes, IP telephony solutions can increase employee effectiveness in driving customer satisfaction and maximizing the revenue potential of each customer call. Imagine equipping customer representatives with unified access to relevant customers.

Strategic value: as impressive as the immediate benefits of IP telephony solutions can be, their strategic value is even more compelling.

  • Inject new functionality into the core business processes of an enterprise.
  • Reshape the way people interact and communicate with one another

Internet services:

Internet connectivity is at the heart of every business operation. Enterprises rely on it to run mission-critical business applications that drive productivity and profits. Internet access is no longer a luxury, but a critical component of the overall network infrastructure that must be highly reliable and always available.

When deciding on the internet two things become extremely critical; the speed at which you access the internet and the amount of data that flows across the wire. Simply put, it is the internet speed and the bandwidth.

As a business, you need high-speed access to the Internet that you can rely on. A high speed internet connection ensures higher productivity and greater user satisfaction. Internet users don’t have to wait for a protracted time to get their pages loaded.

Not far away from the high speed internet connection is the requirement of sufficient bandwidth. In today’s uber-connected enterprise, network bandwidth is a precious resource. Amongst other factors bandwidth is one of the largest determinants of successful running of your critical business application. The emergence of VOIP and video conferencing that require plenty of bandwidth and performance guarantees has put additional pressures on the bandwidth requirements. Hence it is imperative to take control of your Internet and WAN resources to optimize the performance of your business-critical applications, VoIP and video traffic. Ensure sufficient bandwidth in your network for near term and expansion needs and implement a monitoring system to manage the daily operations and priorities.

That`s simply smart business.

Avanta ensures high-tech office spaces the moment you step in:

Once you avail Avanta’s office space you will have access to leading edge technology, including voice over internet telephony that will not only save you money but also bring the rich features of Cisco’s latest handsets onto your desk as part of our `all in` telephony services package.

It extends to data as well. If you need a single point broadband in your serviced office, no problem and Avanta can even vary your speeds overnight and on demand. Or equally, you could bring your own servers into our rooms, organise private LANs, set out your PCs how you want them and again have it sorted overnight.

Avanta’s leading edge internet and communication service offers you a compelling value proposition over investing upfront in expensive infrastructure. At Avanta, you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of assessing your requirements, contracting a suitable vendor, investing in costly hardware and the lengthy implementation process. You just walk into Avanta’s premises and get started with your business.

Avanta offers a unique Business Services Package [BSP] for clients signing up for its serviced office space in Avanta India centres. Avanta’s Business Services Package, a first of its kind in India, differentiates Avanta in the market by taking a more ‘common sense’ approach to additional services and facilities made available to its clients.

With the BSP, customers are better equipped to accurately budget their office expenses. The BSP offers clients full services that range from postal services, copy services, meeting & training room facilities, complimentary high speed wireless internet access in common areas, business support and purchasing, bandwidth and telecoms package & telephony services. These, along with non-branded offices in a prime location, flexibility, all inclusive costs and immediacy offer an unbeatable value proposition to clients looking for office space in Delhi.

Author: Anvesha Sharma

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